House Democrats divided: Calls mount for Biden to step aside in 2024 campaign

Several top House Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to step aside from the 2024 campaign.

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House Democrats divided: Calls mount for Biden to step aside in 2024 campaign
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Several top House Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to step aside from the 2024 campaign, expressing deep concerns about his potential impact on the Democratic Party's chances in the upcoming elections, CNN reported.

The sentiments were revealed during a leadership call organised by House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries on Sunday, aimed at gauging the opinions of ranking members and leaders before the return of members to Washington this week.

According to sources familiar with the call, the discussion was dominated by apprehensions regarding the potential damage Biden's candidacy could inflict on the Democratic ticket and the party's prospects of reclaiming the House majority. Jeffries, however, did not disclose his own stance on whether Biden should continue running for re-election, leaving the issue open for debate among the participants, as reported by CNN.

The call saw a notable division among House Democrats, with a greater number of lawmakers advocating for Biden to step aside than those who voiced support for his candidacy.

Notable figures among those opposing Biden included Representatives Mark Takano, Adam Smith, Jim Himes, Joe Morelle, Jerry Nadler, and Susan Wild. Conversely, Representatives Maxine Waters and Bobby Scott were reported to have spoken in favour of Biden, underscoring the internal divisions within the party leadership.

One of the primary concerns raised during the nearly two-hour call was the perceived risk of losing the opportunity to secure a House majority if Biden were to remain the Democratic nominee. Several participants expressed a preference for Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the ticket, viewing her as a potentially stronger candidate.

"It was pretty brutal," remarked a senior Democratic aide anonymously to CNN, describing the intensity of the discussions that unfolded during the private call among House leaders.
The aide indicated that no immediate decisions regarding formal demands or actions, such as a White House meeting or a letter to Biden, were expected before the full Democratic caucus convenes on Tuesday. Jeffries reportedly emphasised that members would be allowed to voice their opinions freely and make their own judgments on the matter.

Another senior House Democrat revealed that sentiment within the caucus overwhelmingly supports Biden stepping aside. The member emphasised that while there is respect for Biden's lengthy career in public service, there is a growing consensus that the party needs to strategise effectively to move forward.

Tuesday's scheduled caucus meeting was anticipated to be a pivotal moment for Biden, according to sources within the Democratic Party. Many Democrats dissatisfied with Biden's recent debate performance are awaiting Jeffries' public stance on the matter. Thus far, Jeffries has maintained a cautious approach, refraining from publicly endorsing any particular course of action as he continues to assess the sentiments within his caucus.

President Biden, meanwhile, appeared confident during a visit to battleground Pennsylvania, affirming his belief in the Democratic Party's unified support behind him. When questioned by the press, Biden unequivocally asserted that the party continues to stand behind him, CNN reported.

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