Meet star who has 116 dogs, bought Rs 45-crore luxurious property for them, once slept on footpath, now owns 40 houses

This Bollywood star lives with over a hundred dogs, who have their own Rs 45-crore property

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Meet star who has 116 dogs, bought Rs 45-crore luxurious property for them, once slept on footpath, now owns 40 houses
This star has 116 dogs, who live in a Rs 45-crore property


There are many actors in Bollywood who call themselves animal lovers. A good number of them own pets as well. But none of them would be able to compete with this one star, who has a whopping 116 dogs at his property. This star not only houses these dogs but has built luxurious kennels on a Rs 45-crore property to make them comfortable.

The Bollywood star with 116 dogs

Mithun Chakraborty is Bollywood’s ultimate dog lover. The actor is said to have 116 dogs in his care, spread across his many properties in Mumbai and the rest of India. As per reports, the actor houses 76 of these dogs at his sprawling 1.5-acre property in Madh Island near Mumbai. The property, which is built on a land worth nearly Rs 45 crore as per, includes his personal residence. But the majority of the land is for the kennels and playgrounds for Mithun’s furry friends. The kennels are said to be fitted with all modern amenities for the dogs.


In an interview last year, Mithun’s daughter-in-law actress Madalsa Sharma revealed, "The dogs have their own place, different-different rooms. Then there is a staff which takes care of them, because when you are taking care of a dog, you are taking care of a child. Where they have to be groomed, given bath, given their lunch and dinner on time, taken out for a walk. It’s a huge responsibility and when you have a large number of dogs, you need that many people to take care and love them."

Mithun Chakraborty’s immense net worth and properties

When he had entered the film industry in the mid-70s, Mithun did not always have enough money to be able to afford a roof on his head. As per reports, there were days when he slept at the railway station or on a pavement. But those days are long gone now. The actor is reportedly worth over Rs 400 crore now. As per Jansatta, the actor owns close to three dozen properties across India, including the house in Madh Island, a house in Ooty, and several hotels and cottages too. He owns 16 bungalows and cottages in Masinagudi and 18 in Mysore. The actor also has a farmhouse near Mumbai.

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