Panchayat's Sanvikaa says show's fans are shocked by her glam look on Instagram: 'Yeh hamari Rinki nahi' | Exclusive

Sanvikaa, who plays Rinki on Panchayat, talks about her on-screen image and her character's innocent romance with Sachiv Ji

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Panchayat's Sanvikaa says show's fans are shocked by her glam look on Instagram: 'Yeh hamari Rinki nahi' | Exclusive
Sanvikaa plays Rinki on Panchayat


The success of Panchayat, the dramedy on Amazon Prime Video, has catapulted several character artistes on the show to stardom. Most of these actors have become household names in towns and cities across India. Among this bevy of new stars is Sanvikaa, who plays Rinki, the daughter of the pradhan, on the show. In an exclusive chat with DNA, the actress talks about her newfound fame and how fans are shocked that she is different from Rinki in real life.

Sanvikaa’s character on the show is of a simple girl from a village in UP. She is largely dressed in simple salwar suits on the show. But in reality, Sanvikaa likes travelling and does glam up every once in a while. When she unveils this side of her life on Instagram, fans of the show are shocked. “After Panchayat, if I ever post a picture on my social media which is different from my Rinki look, people say, ‘ye to hamari Rinki nahin hai (this is not our Rinki).’ They are surprised by how different I am,” the actress says with a a laugh.

In fact, there is one particular commet – made in jest – that has become a staple of her Instagram feed now. Sanvikaa tells us, “‘Rinki tu to bahut change ho gayi hai (Rinki you have changed so much)’, I get this comment a lot. I think it is from Munnabhai MBBS. People comment that so much.”

While the actress loves this adoration for her character, she hopes that she can get the same love for her other roles in the future too. “I would love if people can accept me as Rinki and as Sanvikaa too, so that when I play different roles in the future, I can get the same kind of acceptance there too,” says the actress.

Another aspect of Sanvikaa’s role in Panchayat is her sweet innocent romance with Jitendra Kumar’s character. Talking about the old-school romance of the character, Sanvikaa says, “I see this as very pure. It used to be called outdated but with Panchayat, they have started liking this again. People have once again started appreciating these kinds of romances where the emotion can just be conveyed through the eyes. You don’t need to hold someone’s hand. I think that has been revived with Panchayat.”

Created by TVF, Panchayat also stars Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Chandan Roy, Faisal Malik, Durgesh Kumar, Pankaj Jha, and Sunita Rajwar in pivotal roles. The third season of the show was released on Amazon Prime Video this month.

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