This actress refused to become Kapoor family's bahu, rejected superstar's proposal, felt heartbroken because...

Veteran actress Mumtaz refused to marry Shammi Kapoor at the age of 17, and she publicly disclosed the reason behind her refusal.

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This actress refused to become Kapoor family's bahu, rejected superstar's proposal, felt heartbroken because...
The actress who refused to become the Kapoor family's bahu (Image source: Screengrab)

The Kapoor family is one of the most influential film families in Bollywood. Becoming a daughter-in-law of the first film family of Bollywood is a matter of pride. However, there was an actress who loved one of the stars from the Kapoors, but she refused to marry him. This star was romantically involved with one of the superstars of the 60s, and their love affair wasn't hidden from anyone. These actors instantly hit from their first film and the actress admitted in the media that she deeply loved this Kapoor prince. However, one condition ended their love. The actress refused to marry him and the couple parted ways.  

The actress who refused to be Kapoor Khandaan's bahu is...

Mumtaz. Yes, the superstar of the early 70s started dating the late Shammi Kapoor (Raj Kapoor's younger brother) after their first film Brahmachari. Mumtaz had a huge crush on Shammi Kapoor even before she joined the film industry. Reportedly when a young Mumtaz saw Shammi filming a song on the sets of a film, she instantly expressed her desire to marry him before her sister Malika. Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor's love affair became one of the most-discussed affairs. Years later, Junglee actor proposed her to marry, but she rejected his proposal, leading to heartbreak. 

Why Mumtaz rejected Shammi Kapoor's proposal 

Mumtaz admitted that when Shammi proposed to her she was only 17 years old, and she had the ambition of making a career in Bollywood. After Shammi Kapoor proposed to Mumtaz, he also told her that she would have to give up films, as women in Kapoor's family don't work in films. This condition miffed Mumtaz and she rejected his proposal. In an interview with Zoom, Mumtaz revealed, "I told him I couldn’t marry him because I wanted to work and fulfil my dreams. I didn’t want to be a homemaker, taking care of his children and managing the household. He was angry and told me, ‘If you would have truly loved me, you would’ve accepted my proposal and left working in films. You only pretend to love me because you wanted to score big films opposite me.’ This left me completely heartbroken." Despite the breakup, Mumtaz remained cordial with Shammi, and she was there in his last days.

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