Viral video: Tractor driver nearly hits elephant herd on jungle road, internet is angry

A viral video shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan has highlighted the dangers of reckless driving to wildlife. The footage shows a tractor driving towards a herd of elephants on a jungle road, prompting some elephants to charge in self-defense.

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Viral video: Tractor driver nearly hits elephant herd on jungle road, internet is angry

Reckless driving poses a significant threat not only to humans but also to wildlife, as vividly illustrated in a recent video shared by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan. The footage, which has quickly gained traction on social media, shows a tractor barreling towards a herd of elephants crossing a jungle road. The distressing scene depicts a few elephants charging at the vehicle in self-defense, underscoring the perilous situation caused by the driver's actions.

Kaswan accompanied the video with a poignant message, challenging viewers to identify the "real animals" in the footage. His caption read, "Identify animals in the video! Video is said from Jharkhand. Remember animals have first right of way in the jungle." This statement underscores the driver's reckless behavior, which not only endangered the elephants but also displayed a flagrant disregard for wildlife.

The video has incited widespread outrage among viewers, who were quick to condemn the driver's conduct. Many highlighted that such behavior is not only dangerous but also illegal, emphasizing that wildlife has the right of way in forest areas.

Twitter users were vocal in their reactions:

"Can the administration identify the tractor driver and prosecute for disorderly conduct and intent to cause harm to wildlife?" one user wrote.

"This made me angry," shared another.

"While driving through a forest, remember that you are trespassing in the animals' property, not the other way around!" posted a third.

"Ye video me janwar to muje insan lag rahe hai," commented a fourth, translating to "In this video, the animals seem to be the humans to me."

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of respecting wildlife and adhering to safety regulations in forested areas to prevent such dangerous encounters.

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