'Thought it was...': Mumbai doctor finds human finger in ice cream

The incident has been reported to the police and a forensic investigation is going on. An inquiry has been filed against Yummo Ice Cream company.

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'Thought it was...': Mumbai doctor finds human finger in ice cream
Human finger found in Ice cream

A doctor from Mumbai had a shocking experience when he found a human finger in his ice cream. Dr. Brendan Ferrao who lives in Orlem, Malad, ordered three ice cream cones online. One of the cones was a butterscotch flavor from the Yummo brand. As he was enjoying his ice cream, he suddenly felt something strange in his mouth. At first, he thought it might be a large nut. Thankfully, he did not swallow it. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was a piece of a human finger with a nail still attached.

Recounting the horrorifying incident, Ferrao said, "As I got to the middle of the ice cream, suddenly I felt a big piece in there. Initially, I thought that it might be a big nut. Luckily, I didn't consume it. However, after looking at it up close, I saw a nail over it."

Dr. Ferrao shared his disturbing experience, saying, "Since yesterday, I have been feeling numbness on my tongue. I couldn’t believe that I had a part of a human body in my mouth. When I checked the packaging, I saw that the ice cream was manufactured a month ago. This is an extreme case of medical negligence. I now need to get a full blood checkup because the finger might have contaminated the ice cream and potentially harmed me."

The incident has left Dr. Ferrao traumatized. He mentioned that thinking about the ice cream now makes him feel like he has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

After making this horrifying discovery, Dr. Ferrao reported the incident to the police in Malad. A case has been filed against the Yummo Ice Cream company, and the ice cream sample has been sent for forensic analysis.

A senior police officer explained to PTI and said, "The complainant is that a 26-year-old doctor with an MBBS degree ordered a butterscotch ice cream cone from the Yummo company. While eating it after lunch, he found a half-inch long piece of flesh with a nail in the ice cream."

The police have sent the piece of flesh for forensic examination to confirm whether it is indeed a part of a human body. Further investigation into the incident is ongoing.


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