'Aliens aren't from another world, they're...' Harvard scientists' unveil big secret

Harvard scientists propose a controversial theory suggesting aliens may have lived among humans on Earth for millennia, hidden in unexplored regions like oceans and deep underground.

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'Aliens aren't from another world, they're...' Harvard scientists' unveil big secret

In a thought-provoking new study, two Harvard scientists have put forward a bold claim: aliens might not be visiting us from distant planets, but rather, they could have been living on Earth all along, hidden from view. This controversial hypothesis challenges the conventional belief that extraterrestrial life, if it exists, comes from other parts of the universe.

Hidden in Plain Sight?

The scientists, whose work was recently highlighted by the Daily Mail, argue that the vast, unexplored regions of our planet could easily conceal an advanced civilization. They point out that 80 percent of Earth's oceans remain unmapped, providing ample space for such beings to reside undetected. This raises the tantalizing possibility that these "aliens" are not visitors, but long-term inhabitants of our own world.

Ancient Civilizations and Submerged Secrets

The researchers draw parallels to ancient civilizations whose remnants lie hidden beneath the sea. One notable example is the massive submerged stone structure off the coast of Yonaguni Jima in Japan, believed by some to be the remains of a 5,000-year-old pyramid, often dubbed the Japanese Atlantis. This structure fuels the argument that unknown, advanced civilizations might have existed—and could still exist—undiscovered.

Underground and Underwater Sanctuaries

According to the study, these hypothetical civilizations might be thriving in environments that humans seldom explore. The scientists suggest that alien bases could be located deep underground, beneath volcanoes, or in the dark, unexplored trenches of the ocean. They also speculate about the possibility of such civilizations inhabiting the far side of the moon, a region that remains largely unstudied but is now attracting growing interest from space agencies around the world.

A Warning from Experts

The researchers caution against actively seeking out these hidden civilizations. They warn that any such encounters could have unpredictable consequences, given the advanced technology that these beings might possess. As humanity continues to explore the unknown depths of our own planet and beyond, these scientists urge a careful and respectful approach to the mysteries that might be lurking just out of sight.

This study opens up new avenues of thought and highlights the vast areas of our planet and beyond that remain shrouded in mystery. Whether or not these theories hold any truth, they serve as a reminder of how much we have yet to discover about our world and the universe.

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