Meet Chandrika Dixit: Delhi's Vada Pav Girl, Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestant who left job at Haldiram's, owns...

Delhi's famous Vada Pav Girl, Chandrika Dixit entered Bigg Boss OTT 3. Let's get to know more about her.

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Meet Chandrika Dixit: Delhi's Vada Pav Girl, Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestant who left job at Haldiram's, owns...
Chandrika Dixit Gera


    Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 has begun on a solid note, and the new host, Anil Kapoor has promised BB fans that 'ab sab badlega'. One of the contestants of this season has been a viral sensation on the internet. And today, we will discuss about her. Let's get to know Chandrika Dixit Gera, popularly known as The Vada Pav Girl. 

    Who is Chandrika Dixit? 

    Chandika Dixit Gera runs a food stall of vada pav in Delhi. Chandrika got famous after videos from her food stall went viral. In many videos, Chandrika is seen fighting with people, even government officials who objected to her roadside food stall. Reportedly, Chandrika's vada pav starts at Rs 50. 

    Chandrika Dixit's journey: From working at Haldiram's to becoming an entrepreneur

    Chandrika earlier worked at the Haldiram's, and her husband worked in Rapido. The husband's irregular working hours and her son's painful journey from dengue fever made Chandrika quit her job. In such challenging situations, Chandrika decided to turn her passion into a profession. Dixit's passion for cooking led her to start a food cart in Delhi's Sainik Vihar area. 

    The rise of Vada Pav Girl 

    Chandrika's food stall became popular among the masses, and soon Chandrika gained popularity as the 'Vada Pav Girl'. Chandrika's persuasion and dedication made Mumbai's go-to snack famous in Delhi. 

    Chandrika Dixit: The social media sensation 

    Chandrika came into the limelight when food vlogger Amit Jindal shared a video of her on Instagram. The reel showcased her skill in making and selling vada pav, and that caught the attention of food lovers on the internet. Chandrika became a social media sensation overnight. Several food vloggers collaborated with Chandrika and boosted her social media popularity. The power of social media brought her into the limelight, which changed her life and business.

    When Chandrika Dixit accused government officials of demanding bribe 

    With the rising popularity, Chandrika is also surrounded by controversies. A video of Chandrika surfaced on the internet, in which she was seen crying and accusing the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) officials of harassment. Dixit claimed that despite paying the required fee of Rs 35 thousand, a bribe was demanded. This incident highlighted the plight of street vendors and it made her more famous. 

    Chandrika's popularity gives birth to competition 

    The Vada Pav Girl's popularity inspired several others to start their food stall. In another video, a woman set up a vada pav cart to compete directly with Chandrika. Even a child started selling vada pav after Chandrika became famous. However, Chandrika faced every challenge bravely. She even got support from celebs by collaborating with Bigg Boss 17 Sunny Arya aka Tahelka Bhai, Puneet Superstar and Nagpur's famous Dolly Chaiwala aka Sunil Patil.

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