JD Majethia reveals 40 writers contributed in Wagle Ki Duniya, says 'TV these days lost...' | Exclusive

JD Majethia talks about Wagle Ki Duniya, which is loved for its relatable content and heartfelt humour, and reveals why the show has successfully completed 1000 episodes.

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JD Majethia reveals 40 writers contributed in Wagle Ki Duniya, says 'TV these days lost...' | Exclusive
JD Majethia

In today's world, where we constantly switch from one minute reel to another due to boredom,Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kisseyhas impressively completed 1,000 episodes. The show, produced by JD Majethia and written by Aatish Kapadia, captures the everyday life and struggles of the middle-class Wagle family.

It stars actors Sumeet Raghvan as Rajesh Wagle, Pariva Pranati as Vandana Wagle, and Anjan Srivastav and Bharti Achrekar as Rajesh's parents. Directed by Sameer Kulkarni, the series is loved for its relatable content and heartfelt humor, resonating deeply with audiences. As the show completed 1,000 episodes on Thursday, we reached out to producer JD Majethia, known for creating successful shows like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Khichdi. He is a prominent figure in the industry, especially for his work in Hindi television and Gujarati theater. 

In an exclusive conversation with DNA, JD Majethia shared what makes Wagle Ki Duniya different from other shows and why it continues to be beloved by audiences, even though it airs during the prime time slot at 9 PM. On being asked, what is the feeling as an actor and a producer when a show completes 1000 episodes when people so easily get bored? He replied, "It is a great feeling. When I say great, it means great. In today's time, it is very difficult to hold on to audiences for hour-an-hour but we have been doing it successfully for four years. And the reason is there are multiple things that we do to make it. I am not only the producer but I also write the show. I do multi-tasking and this has allowed me to understand the fabric of the show."

While discussing today's television, JD Majethia mentioned, "A very important process has been lost in TV today. Often, we create episodes just two days before they are broadcast, which doesn't leave much time for post-production. In contrast, for our show, we produce episodes one week in advance. We watch them a week before they are aired, giving us ample time for thorough post-production. This allows us to ensure higher quality and attention to detail in each episode. The music director and post-production team often don't get enough time, and they are crucial departments. So, we make sure to give them the time they need. In fact, we ensure everyone, including writers, has enough time. We build a bank of episodes, write and re-write every story, and share it with our team, including actors, technicians, and everyone involved."

He also revealed that 40 writers have contributed to Wagle Ki Duniya. JD Majethia further mentioned, "This is the first show to complete 1,000 episodes after COVID-19. We have survived the IPL, the World Cup, KBC, and even the Lok Sabha elections, all during prime time." He emphasised that the show's focus on the common man is why it resonates with so many viewers. When asked about the importance of creating family shows these days, he said, "It is very important to make family shows."

JD highlighted the values they aim to reflect, quoting Gauri Khan who once said she wants to raise her children with a middle-class mentality. "We make shows with these morals," he added. "We tackle important topics like good touch and bad touch, breast cancer, the menstrual cycle, racism, and sexism, to ensure our content is both relatable and educational for families."

The producer also revealed that he takes inputs from fans on social media. He mentioned that fans often message him on Instagram to discuss their problems, and many of these issues are already covered in the show. This is why people relate to Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kissey, which has completed 1,000 episodes. By addressing real-life concerns and integrating them into the story, the show continues to resonate deeply with its audience.

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