5 Times Mike Ross and Harvey Specter's bromance on 'Suits' made us go aww!

Mike and Harvey’s bromance moments that make us go ‘Aww’

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5 Times Mike Ross and Harvey Specter's bromance on 'Suits' made us go aww!


Suits is one such show that can appeal to every type of fan. With the dialogues that are oh so witty, smart women who kick-ass when it comes to running the business, juicy office romances and not to forget the legal drama, Suits keeps its ardent fans asking for more. But, the cherry on the cake is the bromance between the dashing duo - Mike Ross and Harvey Specter.

As the season 7 of Suits begins airing from March 29, here's taking a look at five moments when these suited-up men made us go ‘Aww…!’

1) When Mike and Harvey were on the outs, it felt like we were watching a serious breakup and it hurt to see. But like true friends, they’ve told each other some harsh things and gotten closer as a result

2) When Mike and Harvey upped their impressive game by using movie quotes as their main form of communication right from Season 1

3) When our heart throb Mike decided to take a plea deal and spend two years in white collar prison to save Harvey in Season 5

4) Harvey's office artwork was indeed swanky and anyone’s ideal office. But our hearts melted when Harvey decided to give Mike his corner office.

5) Last but not the least, when Mike asked Harvey to be his best man at his wedding in Season 5 which finally might just happen this season as he walks down the aisle with the Lady Love – Rachel.

While the series bids adieu to Mike, the question to be asked is what will Harvey do now? To know more, watch all new episodes of Suits Season 7 premiering in India on March 29 th along with the US telecast time on Comedy Central, at 11am with a repeat on Saturdays at 8PM.

Watch the promo of Suit 7 right here:


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