Decoded: How dating apps are ruining the sanctity of love in this world

How have we come to this and what impact does it have on the institution of love?

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Decoded: How dating apps are ruining the sanctity of love in this world

In this era of rapidity, finding that special someone in an old-school fashion can be a daunting task. Thank goodness for dating apps to make things simpler and more relevant for the Gen Y to create meaningful relationships. In fact, the last few years have seen a huge boom in the use of online dating and the apps. But how have we come to this and what impact does it have on the institution of love.

Yet, the world wasn't really familiar with dating apps- old-school meet and greets have been a part of the dating culture. Speed Dating has been the only way to indulge in a rapid version. Turn to post circa 2010- dating apps have become so ubiquitous that they're just a part of everyday life for many people. One of the main reasons behind this growth is the digital boom we are witnessing, that has increased the convenience and gave the term 'going global' a facelift.

Today a guy from Germany can find it feasible to date a girl of Indonesia - thanks to Tinder and co. Meeting people online doesn't seem improbable - it has become a common norm, elevating love to another level. Here's how dating apps are redefining love, according to Solene Paillet, Head of Communications, Gleeden, an extra-marital dating app. 

- The world is becoming smaller day by day

No distance is far enough if you put your minds to it. You get to choose from an array of people, from a variety of different geographical locations, adding a spice to your life.

- Newfound convenience

Remember those days when dating/looking for a partner meant going out of your comfort to search for people in pubs and bars. However, with dating apps you can actually connect to people at your own comfort, initially chatting up before deciding to meet.

- The power of choice

Sorting has always been an issue in the world of dating as no one can segregate between people just based on their first meeting. With dating apps, when you view someone's online dating profile, you can make up your mind pretty quickly about whether or not you two are going to be a good fit - all the probable traits are right out there.

- Communication ammunition

Online dating provides you with a unique opportunity to get to know someone using a different approach. When you start talking to a prospective partner online, you can engage in longer conversations, bring out deeper wishes and aspirations on the table. The response is immediate and impactful, creating a lingering feeling of wanting and comfort that is unmatched to all.

The best thing about online dating is of ease- it comes with zero pressure. You don't have to rush into things here as you can take up your sweet time to unravel someone. It is free, liberating and real - something that everyone is looking for, right now. Naturally, dating apps are the best bet we have in order to win the championship of love.

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