Top men’s sports shoes under Rs 1000 on Amazon you should never miss in 2024

Looking for the latest sports shoes on a budget and having trouble finding one? On Amazon, we have every latest trending and stylish sports shoe for just under Rs 1000.

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Top men’s sports shoes under Rs 1000 on Amazon you should never miss in 2024


Want to make yourself physically fit and active, or want to have an athleisure body, or just want to play a sport, for all, you will need a good pair of sports shoes. They will assist you to reach your fitness or sports goals while ensuring your feet' comfort and fashion as well as pair of the best workout shoes can do: They’ll help you feel stable, supported, and most importantly, comfortable, throughout your favourite activities. On Amazon, there is a collection of such sports, running and walking shoes under 1000.

Campus Men's Cato Walking Shoes


  • Upper - With a breathable mesh upper that lets your feet breathe and keeps the air flowing. Perfect for diverse occasions - be it college, the office, romantic dates, day outs, or more, these shoes exude versatility and style.
  • Outsole - The Pillo Foam outsole ensures that every landing is cushioned, offering a remarkably comfortable stride. Whether you're hitting the pavement or sprinting at the gym, feel the support with every step.
  • Comfort - Utmost comfort is what you feel in these shoes. Imagine your feet cocooned in a world of plush cushioning, making them the ultimate choice for daily wear.
  • Styling Tips - Pair these shoes with jeans and a casual tee for a laid-back look, or dress them up with chinos and a button-up shirt for a smart casual ensemble. Whether you're off to meet friends or hitting the town for work, these shoes effortlessly complete your outfit.
  • Cleaning Tips - Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them looking fresh. For deeper cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution. These men's running shoes are your ticket to comfort, style, and easy maintenance – a winning combo for every man on the move.

Campus Men's Simba Pro Training/Gym Shoes


  • Material Type -  Mesh
  • Lifestyle - Sports
  • Comfort - Experience unparalleled comfort with these shoes. Their plush cushioning will envelop your feet, making them perfect for everyday wear.
  • Styling Tips - Heading out with friends? Jeans and a tee with these shoes create a relaxed look. Need to impress at work? Chinos and a button-up paired with these shoes will give you a smart-casual ensemble. These shoes adapt to your day, wherever it takes you.

ASIAN Men's Wonder Sports Running, Walking & Gym Shoes


  • Lightweight & Breathable - With exclusive design and durable materials every step feels light and breezy. Breathable, free-moving fabrics which adjust according to your foot and create an astoundingly easy-going experience.
  • Non-Slip & Shockproof - Great engineering strikes a balance in style, made in the potent design and latest fashion trends. Made for long-term wear, with extra emphasis on providing cushion to the feet, and removing heel strain.
  • Comfort Sole & Flexible Walk - The outsoles are made by an air cushion, doubling the effect of shock absorption. Besides, these shoes perform excellent in durability and are also slip-resistant. It provides push cushioning comfort for foot pain relief and helps relieve pressure while conforming to your every step

JQR SPECIAL-001 Shoes for Men


  • Aerofoam technology regulates the temperature inside the shoe.
  • Coolsense technology wicks away moisture and increases airflow.
  • Aerofoam and coolsense technology together keep the foot cool and dry.
  • These technologies reduce discomfort and the risk of blisters during physical activity.
  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from these technologies for comfortable and supportive shoes.

AVANT Men's Dynamite Running Shoes


  • Knitted Upper - Features a knitted upper that's designed for exceptional breathability. It ensures your feet stay cool and comfortable during demanding activities.
  • Lightweight Design - These running shoes for men focus on reducing unnecessary bulk, allowing you to move effortlessly and swiftly.
  • Cushioned Insole -  Equipped with an excellent cushioned insole that treats your feet to a cloud-like experience with every step. Whether you're on a long run or simply strolling around town, you'll appreciate the plush comfort these shoes provide.
  • Optimal Arch Support - Avant shoes are designed to follow the foot line, enabling an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue and promotes proper posture.
  • Secure Footing - The traction on this footwear for men is designed to keep you confidently grounded in various conditions and provide the necessary grip and stability, allowing you to move with confidence and grace


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