Indian Orthodontic Society turns 50

The orthodontics education first started in Mumbai in 1962

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Indian Orthodontic Society turns 50

You might have spotted many teenagers roaming with braces over their teeth for straightening them. Have you ever wondered when braces came into being in India? Don't be surprised to know that Mumbai was the birthplace of orthodentics and its education in India, way back in 1962 and the Indian Orthodontic Society (IOS) will celebrate its golden jubilee in 2015. The treatment is carried out by orthodontists and this was the first recognised specialty field within dentistry. With the first batch passing out in 1965, the treatment of this field was started and the IOS was formed.

The Government Dental College, CST, had started the first master's programme in orthodontics in the 1960's. IOS is a 6,000-member strong body of specialist orthodontists.

Dr Keki Mistry, the founder member of the IOS, reminisces about the birth of the Indian Orthodontic Society in Mumbai in 1965. He said, " My first patient in practise was the wife of a leading civil servant who used to cover her mouth to hide her protruding teeth. After treatment, her social interactions changed."

The treatment deals with moving the teeth and/or jaws to its correct position, such that each tooth is placed in its most stable and functional position, which in the bargain delivers a beautiful smile.

For an instance, if a person has a crooked set of teeth, with the teeth not in line with one another, the orthodontic treatment can rectify it, where all teeth are arranged in correct contour stabilising them in their most functional positions.

For comprehensive orthodontic treatment, metal wires are inserted into orthodontic brackets (braces), which can be made from stainless steel or a more aesthetic ceramic material. The wires interact with the brackets to move teeth into the desired positions. Even today, a big misconception amongst people is that the braces are only for kids and take too long to set the teeth straight.

Bombay Orthodontic Study Group (BOSG) is the local arm of the IOS in Mumbai. The convener of BOSG, Dr Prashant Dhole said, "Information on common problems encountered and their solutions, different kind of braces and their benefits are available on This website is the gift of the Mumbai orthodontists to the city, and will help patients with information about their frequently encountered doubts, problems during treatment and help choose a specialist in their locality. We also want to drive home the fact that this treatment is a health choice and not just cosmetic".

The Indian Orthodontic Society is the official representative body of the orthodontists of India. Orthodontists undergo speciality training of an additional three years, called an MDS (Ortho) degree after a Bachelors Degree (BDS) in Dentistry. The objectives of the association, founded in 1965 are to popularise orthodontics and educate the population of India about its importance. It also is a forum for charity, research and scientific interactions amongst Orthodontic professionals.

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