Out of Ring now: JDA rebuts allegations of favouring plot owner on Ring Road

The DNA brings up a matter in which JDA unnecessarily received flak for a decision which should have brought accolades for the Authority and its officials

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Out of Ring now: JDA rebuts allegations of favouring plot owner on Ring Road
Vaibhav Galriya


    Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has come out clean in the controversy related to giving undue advantage to a land owner on the ring road near Delhi Public School. It was alleged that JDA passed on undue benefit to a plot owner by issuing him a commercial patta on a land which was acquired for construction of clover leaf on the ring road near DPS.

    The JDA vehemently denied reports of its officials’ connivance with the land owner - first, by issuing him commercial patta then acquiring entire piece of land more than what was required. It has strongly denied allegations that JDA would have to shell out more money for acquisition of this plot.

    Clarifying their position, JDA officials have claimed that no violation of rules and conditions have taken place. The entire process was done as per rules and the decision was taken only after permission from the government.

    The allegations and clarification

    Controversy: Land acquisition process for the ring road began in 2005. Why did this land get commercial conversion in 2009?

    Rebuttal: The concerned land is adjacent to clover leaf. The alignment of clover leaf was decided in February 18, 2011 whereas JDA issued patta on October 29, 2009. Then how could JDA have known that this land would fall along ring road before alignment?

    Controversy: Commercial patta is cancelled after five years if no activity takes place. Why did not JDA cancel the patta?

    Rebuttal: JDA officials claim that the patta was granted under urban land conversion rules in which all conditions are mentioned point wise. Among those no such condition was laid down that if commercial activity did not begin in five years, the patta would be cancelled. In that case, how JDA could have cancelled the patta?  

    Controversy: JDA required only 7900 square meter land but acquired entire 23733 square meter land.

    Rebuttal: Section 44 of the JDA act 1982 clearly states that such agreement is done with mutual understanding. Since, plot owner was left with no access to his remaining land after 7900 sq meter land was acquired; he laid the condition of surrendering the entire land, which the JDA accepted.

    Controversy: JDA incurred financial loss by acquiring the land and then allotting the developed land.

    Rebuttal: JDA did not incur any financial loss. After acquiring entire land of which 7900 sqm would be used for clover leaf, the JDA would be left with 15833 square meter and given the location it can earn good revenue by auctioning the land.

    Controversy: JDA official took decision arbitrarily.    

    Rebuttal: The matter was placed before the empowered committee for the ring road headed by UDH minister. The committee gave its approval on February 5, 2018.

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