Flame fury simmers Jaipur

Two different fire incidents sparked panic in the city. In the first instance, a major fire broke out at a woodshed in the Walled City which was being operated in a residential building while in another incident two persons were injured after a cylinder exploded in the Vidhyadhar Nagar area.

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Flame fury simmers Jaipur
Smoke bellowing from a woodshed as fire fighters spray water to extinguish fire in the Walled City area.

Panic gripped Walled City as a major fire broke out in a woodshed during the wee hours on Thursday. Nearby, sixty people were rescued by the firefighters. Shockingly, there were several individuals who had recently undergone operations and the firefighters made special arrangements to rescue people. The fire lasted for almost hour hours. Moreover, due to the gargantuan fire, nearly three lakh liters of water was to douse the fire. The fire broke out around 3 AM and the locals who were sleeping learned about it after smoke filled their room and heat made it unbearable to sleep peacefully. 

Spot of the incident

The fire broke out in house belonging to one Kailash Narayan Pareek wherein one Moolchand Jain had taken a part of the house on rent to operate the woodshed.

Damage by the fire

Two cars, six bikes and various household electronic equipment like AC along with a loading tempo and even water tanks located on the terrace of the buildings turned into ashes.

When it happened?

“The fire broke out around 3 AM and the locals who were sleeping learned about it after smoke filled their room and heat made it unbearable to sleep peacefully. They went out of the room and were stunned to find the huge flames creeping towards their rooms. Immediately the family members raised an alarm and alerted authorities,” said Jalaj Ghasiya, Chief Fire Officer.

Fire spread quickly

Teams were rushed to the spot from the fire stations. “Due to the presence of plyboard, thinner, saw dust and other similar inflammable items the fire spread quickly as it engulfed logs as well. We devised a rescue plan and doused a ten feet wide alley with water. Our firefighters started pouring water in the alley so that the fire does not harm the locals when they rush out.” the CFO informed.

Negligence- No firefighting system in the building?

After the rescue was completed, the real fight begun as there was no firefighting system installed at the woodshed. One after the other fifteen fire tenders reached the spot. “The tenders made forty rounds in total to the filling station. Senior police officials including DCP North aided in the rescue.” the official said.


  • Did the woodshed given on rent follow the National Building Code (NBC), 2016, guidelines lists every detail when it comes to construction, including fire safety?
  • Why was there no fire extinguisher in the woodshed?
  • What lessons did the authority take after the back-to-back incidents of fire that triggered panic in city?
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