DNA Special: How Leftist forces are taking undue advantage of the farmers' agitation

As per estimates, states like Punjab, Haryana, J&K and Himachal Pradesh are losing an average of Rs 3,500 crore every day due to the farmers' protest.

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DNA Special: How Leftist forces are taking undue advantage of the farmers' agitation


Today is the 34th day of the farmers' agitation and the Centre has invited the farmers’ unions for talks at 2 pm. It is to be expected that this dialogue will yield a positive outcome and farmers will consider withdrawing their movement. But there are some forces in our country who don’t want these movements to end and it seems that this power now subdues the agitating farmers.

These forces include Khalistanis, Tukde Tukde gangs, Urban Naxals and Leftists. But broadly, the ideological remote control of these forces is in the hands of the Left and some leftists who joined China in the 1962 War still do not want to see India overtake China.

 You will recall that when there were protests over the new citizenship law, people of a particular religion were intimidated because they were told that their citizenship would be taken away. And now the farmers are being told by the Leftists that their lands will be taken away. This is the formula that the Left and anti-country forces have been using since Independence. Amid this fear, China is also trying to take advantage of the situation.

Losses incurred

So far, Punjab alone has lost Rs 30, 000 crore due to farmers ' agitation. According to another estimate, states like Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are losing an average of Rs 3,500 crore every day. That means, in 34 days, these states have lost more than Rs 1.19 Lakh crore.

In Punjab, the towers of several telecom companies were also damaged during the agitation. Agitating farmers cut off the power of about 1,500 towers and damaged them.

The production of vehicles in India is also being affected due to this movement. China is now the first in the world in this case, while India is fourth. The world's largest vehicle manufacturing companies now want to manufacture more and more trains in India and exit China, but this movement is causing a lot of damage to the region.

Similarly, in terms of manufacturing mobile phones, India is second in the world after China. However, because of the farmers’ agitation, this too may be hampered.

India's small and big traders have lost Rs 5,000 crore in the last few days due to this agitation.

In a country, when there are such movements, the international image of that country is also affected and the big companies seem to avoid investing there. Obviously, if India's image is hurt, it will benefit China the most.

China knows that it is not 1962 but 2020 India and it is not so easy for China to win a war against India. China could not do so in Ladakh and Doklam. So it is now trying new ways and the Leftists are supporting China in its devious plans.

In 1959, when the then Government of India disclosed that China was encroaching Indian land, the Left remained silent.

Even 60 years ago, when the Chinese Army forcefully occupied Tibet, the Left took China’s side.

In the 1962 War, the Communist Party of India (CPI) was supported by China. This is when CPI broke down and CPI(M) was formed.

Today, it seems that many Left-wing leaders are working on 1962's formula to benefit China.

The latest border dispute with China in Ladakh is still not fully resolved and the armies of the two countries have been camping on the border. India's troops need to be continuously transported logistics. Logistics have to take the route via Punjab to reach Ladakh, but in the name of agitation, all the routes have been closed and even trains are not being allowed to run.

Such is the sad state of affairs and the Leftists are only taking advantage of the farmers’ agitation.

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