Business Setup Worldwide (BSW) Simplifies Selection of Offshore Jurisdiction

Registering an offshore company is a popular option among investors, as these not only help to expand the business but also assist in tax optimization and risk mitigation.

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Business Setup Worldwide (BSW) Simplifies Selection of Offshore Jurisdiction


As an experienced offshore corporate service provider, Business Setup Worldwide acknowledges the importance of offshore companies and helps find a suitable offshore jurisdiction for your business.

The Concept of Offshore Company

An offshore company can be defined as a legal entity incorporated outside your home country. The requirements for setting up an offshore company can depend on the jurisdiction chosen. It provides a wide range of financial services, a conducive business environment and confidentiality laws which help in the growth of the business.

Top 3 Jurisdictions for Offshore Company Formation

There are many offshore jurisdictions around the world which can be chosen for your offshore company formation. Here are the details of the top three offshore locations:

  1. British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The British Virgin Islands is recognized as one of the leading offshore jurisdictions, attracting entrepreneurs and business investors worldwide. The BVI government started providing offshore financial services in the mid-1980s and now generates 51.4% of government revenue. Let's have a look at the advantages of a BVI offshore company.

Benefits of Offshore Company Registration in BVI

  • No taxes on the income generated outside of BVI
  • Fast and simple incorporation process with less documentation.
  • Flexibility to choose different corporate entities.

 Requirements for BVI Offshore Company

The requirements for registering an offshore company in BVI are listed below:

  • No requirement to make the records of the company and directors public.
  • A minimum of one director and shareholder is required.
  • There is no requirement of minimum paid-up capital.
  • Must have a local and registered office address.
  • A local registered agent must be appointed.
  1. Seychelles

An International Business Company (IBC) in Seychelles is governed by the Seychelles International Business Companies Act, according to which foreign-based income is not taxable. Investors worldwide prefer setting up an offshore company in Seychelles, as it helps reduce their tax liability.  

Benefits of Offshore Company Registration in Seychelles

  • Provides asset protection against potential claims or creditors.
  • Allows free movement of capital.
  • Not taxable for the income generated outside the country.
  • Personal information of the company’s members is not disclosed publicly.

Requirements of a Seychelles Offshore Company

The requirements for offshore company registration in Seychelles are mentioned below:

  • A local registered agent must be appointed
  • Having a local and registered office address is necessary
  • Having a company secretary is optional for a Seychelles offshore company
  • There are no requirements to file an annual return or financial statements for foreign-based income.
  • A minimum of one director and shareholder is required. They can be the same person or entity.
  1. Belize

Investors prefer setting up an offshore company in Belize due to its fast company incorporation and privacy policies. This Central American country is suitable for starting trading, e-commerce businesses, and consulting services, among other things. There is no mandatory requirement to reside in the country to start an offshore company, as it can be opened and managed remotely.  

Benefits of Offshore Company Formation in Belize

Check out the following advantages of Belize offshore company incorporation:

  • Provides various investment opportunities for foreign business investors.
  • The personal information of the director and shareholder is not disclosed publicly.
  • Belize is renowned for its offshore banking and financial services.
  • Offers a perfect environment for ease of doing business. 

Requirements of an Offshore Company Formation in Belize

  • Every company in Belize must meet the accounting requirements and make the records public.
  • A register needs to be maintained to maintain the privacy of the business operations.
  • Nominee director services are available in Belize to maintain anonymity.
  • A local registered agent must be appointed for a Belize offshore company.

These three locations are the most sought-after by investors for setting up an offshore company. The management needs to understand the requirements of a business and select the proper jurisdiction accordingly. There are many other offshore jurisdictions, too, which you can explore.

Making the decision to start a company in a foreign country can be complex and will require professional assistance. Business Setup Worldwide (BSW) can assist you in your entrepreneurial journey.

The consultants at BSW understand the challenges of opening an offshore company and will assist you throughout the company setup process. Contact us if you have any queries regarding offshore company setup and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.



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