Arvind Kejriwal is Harry Potter, Rahul Gandhi is Uday Chopra of elections say Twitter users

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Arvind Kejriwal is Harry Potter, Rahul Gandhi is Uday Chopra of elections say Twitter users


On Sunday, while the election commission was busy announcing the winners and losers, netizens were engaged in giving their own verdicts on Twitter.

Arvind Kejriwal was declared Delhi’s Harry Potter for creating an upset and sweeping several seats.

@SanjanaSaksena tweeted: A week ago Sheila Dixit had called Kejriwal a man from Ghaziabad weilding a broom. He’s using the Broom to sweep you out now Ms. Dixit.

Another user @doctoratlarge indicated that the broom’s victory was a sign of the times that are changing. “Arvind Kejriwal - man with a broom in his hand - has won. This is a clear referendum that men should do more household chores,” he tweeted.

Sadly, Rahul Gandhi got some flak for his party’s defeat and he was compared to Ishant Sharma and Uday Chopra, for the party’s defeat.

User Ravindra Bharathi (@ajuravi) tweeted: Sir Ishant Sharma: What is the similarity between Rahul Gandhi and Me? We both win the game for opposition.

Another user Jay (@j2381983) shared: Uday chopra & Rahul Gandhi are in their professions only because of management quota.

Twitter saw live commentary from users through the day, with the top trending topics being: #Polls2013, Rahul Gandhi, TrustNamo, #ElectionResults2013.

One of the more popular jokes doing the rounds of social media was: “Tring tring. Sheila: hello? Rahul: what is the reason for your defeat? Sheila: sirji, AAP.”

And then there images that went viral. The first one was that of an AAP poster that showed Kejriwal in a Nayak film poster. Users shared it was almost like a remake of Anil Kapoor- Amrish Puri starrer Nayak.

“Arvind kejriwal reminds me of Anil kapoor from nayak ! He fought directly against d CM n won ! Now..That’s something,” said Akshay Doshi(@ncc486)

Photo by Hakeem Irfan

The second was that of the three main party representatives doing their public hand gestures with a title that read: Meanwhile, while they played rock, paper, scissors in Delhi.

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