Modi misusing PM position to build database with data on millions of Indians via NaMo app: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi hits out at PM Modi.

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Modi misusing PM position to build database with data on millions of Indians via NaMo app: Rahul Gandhi

On Monday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi alleged that PM Modi’s NaMo app secretly recorded ‘audio, video, contacts and location’. He went on to compare PM Modi to a 'Big Boss who liked to spy on all Indians'. 

He wrote: “Modi’s NaMo App secretly records audio, video, contacts of your friends & family and even tracks your location via GPS. He’s the Big Boss who likes to spy on Indians.  Now he wants data on our children. 13 lakh NCC cadets are being forced to download the APP.” 


He later added: “Modi misusing PM position to build personal database with data on millions of Indians via the NaMo App promoted by Govt. If as PM he wants to use tech to communicate with India, no problem. But use the official PMO APP for it.  This data belongs to India, not Modi.”

A day after Congress president Rahul Gandhi alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official app was sharing data without users’ consent, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) IT cell head Amit Malviya hit back at the former and accused him of sharing users’ data from his party’s official App with Singapore firm.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Malviya shared a picture of the disclaimer of the site and targeted the Congress party for being upfront to accept that they will share the data with a third party.
"Hi! My name is Rahul Gandhi. I am the President of India’s oldest political party. When you sign up for our official App, I give all your data to my friends in Singapore," Malviya Tweeted.

"Full marks to @INCIndia for stating upfront that they'll give your data to **practically anyone** - undisclosed vendors, unknown volunteers, even 'groups with similar causes'. In the theft of all forms, Congress has never been discreet!," he added.

The BJP IT cell head further alleged that if the ‘Congress party says that they will share data with like-minded people, then chances are that it could be people like Maoists, stone pelters, Chinese embassy and Cambridge Analytica.’

Further targeting United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chief Sonia Gandhi, Malviya accused the Congress party of following ‘all power no accountability’ dictum.

"When Congress says they will share your data with like-minded groups, the implications are grave. From Maoists, stone pelters, Bharat Ke Tukde Gang, Chinese embassy to globally ‘renowned’ orgs like Cambridge Analytica, the field is extensive and wide open," he said in the tweet.

"Inspired by Sonia Gandhi’s ‘all power no accountability’ dictum, Congress will take all your data, even share it worldwide with orgs like Cambridge Analytica but will not take responsibility for it! Their own policy says so" he added.

A furore erupted yesterday after Rahul accused Prime Minister Modi of leaking details of users to US firms through the NaMo app.

"Hi! My name is Narendra Modi. I am India's Prime Minister. When you sign up for my official App, I give all your data to my friends in American companies," Rahul tweeted.

Rahul made the statement referring to a media report that quoted a French security researcher claiming that the Narendra Modi app sends all the device info and personal data including email IDs, photos, gender and names of the users without consent to a third-party domain belonging to an American company. 

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