DNA Explainer: What is 'Malana Cream' or black gold; Know how it got its name and much more

Malana Cream hash is more commonly known as 'Malana Cream' or simply Malana charas. In many countries outside India, it goes by the name black gold.

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DNA Explainer: What is 'Malana Cream' or black gold; Know how it got its name and much more
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The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Wednesday detained the biggest drug dealer in Mumbai by the name of Azam Sheikh Jumman, after carrying out a raid at his residence in the city. The raid was carried out in Milat Nagar of Lokhandwala in Mumbai and approximately five kilograms of Malana cream, ecstasy tablets, opium and Rs14 lakhs in cash were seized by the NCB officials.

According to the police, the arrested person is known to source drugs directly from Himachal Pradesh and supply them later to bigger dealers.

But today we look deep into what is contraband 'Malana Cream', that has been seized by the NCB officials, considered as one of the most sought-after forms of hashish across the globe. 

Malana Cream hash is more commonly known as 'Malana Cream' or simply Malana charas. In many countries outside India, it goes by the name black gold. The fact that Malana village cultivates hash is the reason why many tourists reach there. 

Know about Malana Cream

'Malana Cream' is the charas or hash or hashish which comes from the Malana Valley in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

Charas also called bhang in Himachal Pradesh, is the resin obtained from a species or strain of the cannabis plant (botanical classification of cannabis is disputed), which grows naturally in the valley and is also cultivated illegally.

The valley has a single village, Malana, and the hash resin produced there is generally more 'creamy', or clay-like, as compared to that produced in other parts of the state.

Uniqueness of Malana Cream

The cannabis plant has a number of chemical compounds called cannabinoids, among which tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive constituent which produces the high sensation.

Strains of the plant with low levels of THC are used for industrial and non-drug purposes such as making ropes, paper, textiles etc. Plants with a high level of another cannabinoid called CBD (cannabidiol) are used for medicinal purposes.

The 'hand-rubbed' Malana cream hash has been widely recognised for its quality worldwide. The intense fragrant aroma, increased Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC levels and the high it gives are what makes it a favourite among stoners from around the globe. 

A high proportion of THC in the plant extract is required for recreational drug use and Malana Cream is believed to be particularly rich in THC, making it more potent. Resin extracted from the plant, generally by rubbing using hands, is also concentrated further to obtain the more potent hash oil.

In addition, charas from Malana has a distinct set of turpenes, aromatic compounds associated with flavour and other characteristics. These characteristics are the result of unique climatic conditions of the valley.

Cost of Malana Cream

According to the police, varieties of Malana Cream are generally sold anywhere between Rs 1,500 to Rs 8,000 per 10 grams in India depending upon the purity of the product and the place of sale.

The popularity of the product can be estimated by the fact that it is one of the costliest forms of hash sold in cafes of Amsterdam for instance. 

list and sell Malana Cream at as high as 250 USD per 11.4  grams. Cafes of Amsterdam list and sell Malana Cream at as high rate as 250 USD per 11.4  grams.

However 'Malana Cream' is completely banned in India as per the NDPS or Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. Under this Act, you can neither produce, manufacture, cultivate, possess, sell, purchase, transport, store or consume any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance including Malana Cream Hash.

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