I have always ensured I’m treated equally: Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson on Hollywood post the Harvey Weinstein scandal and taking on an action-oriented part

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I have always ensured I’m treated equally: Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson


Rebecca Ferguson, who has made her name in the Mission: Impossible franchise, says whether it’s finding her own space in the action-driven blockbuster series fronted by Tom Cruise or doing jaw-dropping stunts, she has always ensured she is treated equally on movie sets.

As Ilsa Faust, an MI6 agent, Rebecca has created a unique space for herself in the series by bringing a certain emotional gravitas to the spy thriller while also matching steps with Tom’s Ethan Hunt when it comes to action sequences. “I think it is incredible... it is about time, isn’t it?” she said when asked whether it was important for women to be an equal participant in action films. “I’m incredibly lucky to be a part of this film, where I feel I’m one amongst everyone. I felt like an equal and I have always been treated that way,” the actress said. 


The 34-year-old is hopeful about the changes taking place in Hollywood post the Harvey Weinstein scandal that launched a global revolution in gender politics. “I think we are in time for a change. It might be slow and there would be episodic ups and downs. But a lot of goodness should come from it. We should not stop,” Rebecca added.


Mission: Impossible — Fallout features new cast additions in Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby and Angela Bassett, but Rebecca was not worried about her space in the narrative. “I never feel like I fight for space. I just take it,” she laughed. For her, it has always been about the way the story is told. “I don’t find it interesting to put elbows out to get screen time. That’s not what the filming is about. It is about creating an incredible arc for your story and to merge with other people. When I go to work with a writer and director, I should be able to feel confident in their work,” she elaborated. 


In the film, Rebecca’s character is trying to stay a step ahead of Hunt and his team. Their relationship may place them on opposite ends of the spectrum but they share an unspoken bond. “The only thing that makes a character interesting is giving a certain depth to it. We can’t be shallow and just have fighting sequences, look great in outfits, ride bikes. It is important to have a certain emotional depth and that is something that Tom has always had,” she stated. The film, which was shot around the globe in destinations such as Paris, London, New Zealand and Abu Dhabi, recently premiered in the French capital.


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