FAU-G mobile game launch update: No announcement as New Year deadline approaches

FAU-G is slated to be released by the New Year time but with the timeline now approaching, there is no new announcement by nCore games.

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FAU-G mobile game launch update: No announcement as New Year deadline approaches
FAU-G has been slated to release by the New Year period but there have been no official announcements yet. (Image credit: Twitter)


    FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) is all set to capture the Indian gaming market with PUBG Mobile India now not getting the required permissions from the Government of India. PUBG Mobile India has been delayed because MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) is not yet convinced about the security of the game and since the ban on 118 Chinese apps in September is an overall blanket ban, there can be no special preference given to PUBG Mobile India. With this, FAU-G is all set to make a big splash in the Indian market. Given that this is an Indian project and that it is a real action game as compared to PUBG Mobile India’s battle royale mode, there is tremendous excitement among a certain set of gamers.

    However, with the New Year deadline now approaching, there has been no new announcement from FAU-G or nCore games and this has once again put gamers in tension. The initial hype which PUBG Mobile India created during the Diwali period is a lesson for gamers to not jump into the news immediately. The amount of misinformation that was spread regarding the download of APK links for PUBG Mobile India has made gamers fret on what is true and what is fake.

    FAU-G has a link on Google Play Store and that is for the pre-registration of the game. However, with just three days to go for 2021 to come, there seems to be no new update on whether FAU-G will launch in India at the New Year period.

    Official confirmation soon

    According to Inside Sport, the website spoke to plenty of gamers who have said that they are on the verge of ‘losing their minds’ about the current situation regarding PUBG Mobile India and FAU-G.

    This update is to once again clarify that anything to do with FAU-G Mobile when it comes to downloading the link or playing the game can only be done once the links appear in the official website of the game. Only if nCore games releases an official statement can the download link or APK Download for FAU-G can be downloaded.

    For PUBG Mobile India, it is clear. The game will not be launched in India before March 2021. Any site or link that states that they are providing the link to play PUBG Mobile India is fake and it can be a source for malware that can compromise data and user security.

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