DNA Explainer: What is PM Modi’s GatiShakti masterplan?

The Pradhan Mantri GatiShakti masterplan will focus on multi-modal connectivity, setting ambitious infrastructure targets by 2024-25.

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DNA Explainer: What is PM Modi’s GatiShakti masterplan?
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In a bid to spur global competitiveness, promote manufacturing and modernise infrastructure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Rs 100 lakh crore GatiShakti project on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

The Pradhan Mantri GatiShakti masterplan will focus on multi-modal connectivity, setting ambitious infrastructure targets by 2024-25. A vital tool for the success of the PM’s ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ vision, the masterplan will add impetus to projects part of the $1.4 trillion National Infrastructure, which itself is a vital component of the goal to make India a $5 trillion economy.



The GatiShakti masterplan is expected to prove crucial in bringing the economic engine back on track after the COVID-19 slump and its ongoing effects on the Indian economy.

The GatiShakti project could prove crucial come 2024 when PM Modi will conclude his second term and look to remain the office for a third consecutive term.

What is the GatiShakti project?

The GatiShakti project was first announced by PM Modi during the Independence Day speech on August 15, 2021. The PM had touted the incoming new project as a tool of employment opportunities for lakhs of young people across India.

The project aims to enhance global competitiveness, which means bringing local products at par with global counterparts with the help of logistical and supply chain improvements that bring down costs.

GatiShakti Project’s focus on multi-modal connectivity will streamline connectivity to improve the movement of goods and services across different modes of transport.

What will improve under the masterplan?

The project will commence institutionalisation of holistic planning in infrastructural projects. Among the targets is enhancing the National Highway network of India to 2 lakh kms by 2024-25.

Planned expansion of the cargo capacity of the Indian Rail network will take the capability to 1,600 million tons from 1,210 million tons a year ago.

Advancement of the Indian aviation ecosystem is also a big component of the GatiShakti project will plans to build 220 airports, helipads and water aerodromes by 2024-25.

17,000 kms of new gas pipelines will be added to the current infrastructure by 2024-25 in a bid to move more people to clean energy.

Another component related to energy advancement is the plan to increase the electricity transmission network in India to 4,54,200 circuit km in total.

On the renewable energy front, the capacity will be enhanced to nearly the triple of the existing capacity 87.7 GW to 225 GW by 2024-25. This will also be the largest renewable energy capacity expansion program in the world.

Villages will become a bigger part of the Digital India mission will 4G mobile internet accessibility plan across rural India by 2022.

To further the rural economies, mega food parks and agro-processing centres will be built to double the incomes of farmers.

Other aspects of the GatiShakti masterplan are advancement of defence manufacturing towards an Aatmanirbhar Defence industry and several projects in sectors like Medical, Pharma and Textile. These new projects target new job creation for lakhs of individuals.

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