How to win over the fashion world like Priya Srivastava

With things so clearly laid out in her mind, no wonder Priya Srivastava is where she is today.

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How to win over the fashion world like Priya Srivastava

Fashion model Priya Srivastava is giving the young gun fashionistas of Instagram a run for their money. At 35, she is an award-winning influencer. She is renowned as a luxury fashion and lifestyle influencer. For her incessant efforts, Priya was awarded the ‘Iconic Max Award 2020’, for being Influencer of the Year.

Priya moved to London when her son was born. There she began to use social media to journal her preferences and daily whereabouts. She soon discovered the potential of Instagram and social media to serve as a stay-at-home income stream. 4 years, tons of dedication, loads of obstacles and some dashing fashion sense later, Priya today stands at 224k followers and has been featured in the fashion magazines Dior and Vogue.

But do you, dear reader, just want to read about her successful life? Do not want to, say, be the next Priya Srivastava someday?

Yes? Well then! Let us get you started on what made Priya Srivastava a thriving influencer at 35.

Approach Instagram with some definite steps in mind. Take note, budding influencers. Here are some of the ways Priya Srivastava maximized her Instagram reach:

Firstly, engaging with the audience is the priority. To that end, reply to comments, answer DMs and engage on the pages that reach out to you. Doing this may sound like a chore but it builds authentic influencer-follower relationships.

Secondly, collaborate frequently with like-minded influencers. Pool together funds to arrange giveaways. Split the instructions and updates among the channels so that viewers visit each of them.

Thirdly, Use story takeovers and shoutouts to reach out to unfamiliar audiences.

While you are budding talent, do not say yes to every brand that approaches you, Learn to say NO with grace. Priya herself had some initial trouble in acting this step out. But, she held herself up to certain standards, and so should you.

The next thing to do would be to stay humble. Priya routinely thanks fans, family, friends and God for contributing to her success. Priya did not forget the people who made her who she is. What more we can say then go through and do likewise.

Now comes the most crucial step. Do not waste time scrolling on Instagram and the social media platforms where you upload content. For you, these sites are business, not plain recreation. Use your screen time to connect and engage with followers and pages. Priya applied this to her own case and saved a lot of time. The time was instead utilized towards having some quality moments with her family.

While your presence is in a growth phase, put blinders on. Focus on navigating your own lane. Be unbothered about other people success. So what if they’re getting the endorsements you would love to have? Keep growing on your own, and in the long run, the brands will come for you.

Here, we interject with a pro tip: always include your e-mail id in your Instagram bio. That way, it is easier to reach you for professional reasons.

When brands reach out to her, money is not the first thing on Priya’s mind. Instead, she asks herself- Will this fit my niche, my personal taste? Is this genuinely a product that someone with good taste would want to buy?

With things so clearly laid out in her mind, no wonder Priya Srivastava is where she is today. She effortlessly juggles her online profession, children and marriage, and excels at all of them.  Our world of impatient teenagers can learn immensely from her driven, hardworking ethic.

We hope, dear reader, that this article offered some crucial pointers on how you too can become a Priya-esque success story. To keep up with Priya Srivastava, follow her on Instagram.



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