Quit cramming, study smart

Experts say learning involves understanding concepts and interconnecting ideas.

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Quit cramming, study smart


Students who don’t find studying difficult or tedious spend just fraction of their time reading and manage to score good marks.

For them studying is not associated with long hours of being engrossed in textbooks, revising endless notes or following the usual mechanical rote.

So, is it a natural talent or does one need a knack for understanding and learning? What learning strategies are used in studying smart?

Mind Map expert and CEO of city-based Buzan Centre, Maneesh Johari said that learning process involves comprehending the complete picture by understanding concepts, organising information to make it easier to recall and interconnecting ideas.

“If regular way of studying or learning does not work, some students then try to apply new strategies of learning using imagination and association. They start using both sides of the brain, which helps them in their studies,” he said.

“For smarter studying, associate your current learnings with the past knowledge as it helps to remember things better. It is a natural talent that every child possesses, but our education system and the way our teachers and parents teach, is killing that talent,” said Johari. He pointed that we teach them to memorise but not how to use the inherent memory skills.

Managing director of Neural Space and cognitive skills expert, Avinash Bartakke blamed the education system. 

“The process of learning and studying involves assimilating or absorbing what is taught or read, retaining the knowledge and reproducing it during the exams. If one’s cognitive skills are strong, then  studying becomes easy,” he said.  On the role of strategy, Bartakke said, “Studying smartly is one part, while the other depends on the strength of one’s cognitive skills.”

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