Deodarant ad in umpire’s underarm - Cricket Australia’s unique strategy in Big Bash League

Cricket Australia unveiled a unique advertising strategy for Big Bash League and it involves umpires, with the deal expected to give record revenue.

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Deodarant ad in umpire’s underarm - Cricket Australia’s unique strategy in Big Bash League
The umpires will be having Rexona tags in their underarms when they signal a six and this is a unique form of advertising called 'Pit-vertising' for the Big Bash League in Australia. (Image credit: Twitter)

2020 is seeing a new form of advertising in cricket. Say hello to ‘pit-vertising’. What is this new concept? The Big Bash League 2020 in Australia is going to unveil this new form of advertising that might cause a stinker for some fans, but it is a unique way to push forward a deodorant advertisement. According to a report in The Guardian, Cricket Australia announced a partnership with the Australian deodorant and antiperspirant brand Rexona. The deal will generate a record AUD 70 million in sponsorship this summer for Cricket Australia. However, here is the catch. The deal requires the umpires in the BBL to sport pictures of the product's branding under their arms, which might be fully revealed while signaling during a match. The Big Bash League will begin on Thursday with Hobart Hurricanes taking on Sydney Sixers at the Bellerive Oval in Hobart.

In the 2020 edition of the Big Bash League, there will be some new rules introduced which are complicated and have never been used in cricket. The Big Bash League 2020 will see the X-factor, which is kind of like the super-sub in ODIs which was there in the start of the new decade of the 21st century. The X-factor give the captain with the option to substitute a player from the 12th and the 13th member of the squad that was named on the teamsheet. The substitution can be made at the half-way stage and only those players who haven't batted or bowled more than 1 over can be subbed off.

Then there is the power surge in which the powerplay has been divided into two sections but there is a Bash Boost that is going to be different. The Bash Boost point will be given at the half-way stage of the second innings if the team is above the equivalent 10-over score. If the fielding side is above, they get the extra point. Thus, the maximum a side will get per game is four.

Chances of fixing?

The new rules have raised concerns as to how the Big Bash League will be immune to spot-fixing and match-fixing as betting agencies and bookies will be heavily reliant on the power surge and the Bash Boost to make their bets. In a report in The Age, Cricket Australia is apparently working with commentators from host broadcasters Seven West Media and Fox Cricket to ensure they do not ask questions of mic'd up batsmen leading into and during the 10th over.

However, many bookies in Australia don't think they would be allowed to take bets on the mid-innings result because of tight regulations put in place by Cricket Australia.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first 10 games will be played in Hobart and Launceston. After this, matches will be played in Canberra, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Adelaide and Perth will host the Big Bash League mid-season games while Sydney and Melbourne will host the playoffs.

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