Modi family feud: IPL founder Lalit Modi's brother accuses mother of...

Samir Modi alleged that his mother's personal security officer prevented him from entering the board meeting and assaulted him on May 30.

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Modi family feud: IPL founder Lalit Modi's brother accuses mother of...


The Modi family is currently experiencing significant turmoil with a mother turning against her own son. The son has filed a police complaint seeking protection, having already accused his mother of orchestrating an attack on him. Now, he fears another assault. 

The central figure is the late KK Modi, a prominent businessman and former head of Godfrey Phillips and his estate, worth approximately Rs 11,000 crore, is at the heart of the conflict. Other key figures include Bina Modi, KK Modi's wife, and their two sons, IPL founder Lalit Modi and Samir Modi, the Executive Director of Godfrey Phillips, the company known for producing Marlboro cigarettes in India.

The latest development in this saga is Samir Modi's request for police protection. He has previously accused his mother, Bina Modi, of having him beaten. According to a PTI report, Samir Modi filed a complaint with Delhi Police alleging that on May 30, when he arrived for a board meeting at Godfrey Phillips India, his mother's personal security officer prevented him from entering the meeting and assaulted him, causing severe injuries.

Lalit Modi, his elder brother, posted photos of Samir's broken arm on social media, expressing his distress. He wrote, "It breaks my heart to see my younger brother in this condition. That a mother (Bina Modi) would have her son (Samir Modi) beaten so severely by her security that his arm is possibly permanently damaged is shocking. His only 'crime' was wanting to attend a board meeting. All board members are complicit in this heinous act. My heart goes out to my brother."


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Amid these events, Samir Modi has expressed fears of another attack and has requested security from Delhi Police. He claims that despite filing a criminal case against Bina Modi, he continues to receive threatening messages and believes there are plans to prevent him from entering his office in Jasola.

The root of the Modi family's strife lies in the 11,000 crore rupee estate of KK Modi. Following his death in 2019, a legal battle over the distribution of this estate began. According to KK Modi's trust deed, the estate is to be equally shared among Samir Modi, Lalit Modi, and their sister Charu Modi. However, Bina Modi is currently the managing trustee of the entire estate.

According to a report by Business Today, Samir Modi alleges that Bina Modi is not distributing the funds according to the deed and is instead maintaining control over the company and the KK Modi Trust, against the deed's provisions. He also claims there is pressure on him to sell his stake in Godfrey Phillips.

The property dispute took a new turn when Lalit Modi's son, Ruchir Modi, filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. He requested the removal of his grandmother, Bina Modi, from the position of managing trustee of the KK Modi Family Trust and the appointment of an administrator to oversee the division of the estate among the family's four branches. In response, Justice Neena Bansal Krishna issued notices to Charu, Lalit, and Samir Modi, as well as to several companies associated with Modi Enterprises, including Rajputana Developers, Kaushambi Industries, K.K. Modi Investment and Financial Services, Modicare Limited, and Premium Tradeline.

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