Atul Agrawal skyrocketing his business 'Atul Tractors' with his entrepreneurship skills

The idea of ​​opening a tractor business and an online business frightens the technical experts to a great extent.

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Atul Agrawal skyrocketing his business 'Atul Tractors' with his entrepreneurship skills


Most of the people you meet in life suffer from "Giving Up" syndrome. To give up without achieving the goal means to give up your goal in the middle. Almost every person has some or the other goal in life, but there are only a few of them who can reach their goal. Anyone who reaches their goal is one of the most successful people in the whole life. Now it is said that Atul Agrawal is one of those few people who obstructed the path of success in the beginning, but after working hard, Atul achieved the goal. Today he is also known as Atul Entrepreneur. He is now the CEO of his start-up Atul Tractors store.

Atul Tractors is a store which has all kind of requirements like tractor, machinery and a team of dedicated professionals for all the farmers. Atul Entrepreneur can store hundreds of machinery items at a time. Even the local government there is praising Atul very much. And they are seeing huge profits.

Similarly, they are also investing huge amounts. Atul Entrepreneur is the inspiration that our next generation will look forward to. The previous funding he received was also in the form of a B series funding which is a huge funding in itself. There is also an estimate of Atul Agrawal that by the end of the year 2022, his revenue can even cross the figure of 6.

The idea of ​​opening a tractor business and an online business frightens the technical experts to a great extent. Because they have to follow all kinds of rules. Very little profit, as well as whatever loss they have to bear in the beginning. And Atul Entrepreneur is just a startup of its kind. Which started getting good profits within 6 months.

It would never have been possible without the thought of bringing all kinds of essential material under one roof with very heavy baggage and all the dedication shown by the team. And most importantly, it was because of Atul Agrawal that his idea of ​​this outlet was implemented well.

Apart from other old giants, there are many dealership stores inside Chhattisgarh which are actually multinational companies. However, some time back Chhattisgarh got its first setup purely on the basis of every kind of farmer's requirement. Atul Entrepreneur Store is continuously providing the machines and materials and that too within a very short span of time. Everyone is quite surprised that a local dealership is giving a tough competition to the giants. Technically he is a big mastermind of online marketing and also he is the managing director of the company Atul Entrepreneur. Agrawal has also donated a huge amount as a relief to the patients of COVID-19 in India. Agarwal has also distributed food and clothes to those stranded and needy due to the lockdown.

Atul Entrepreneur is also a one-stop-shop for the vital needs of all farmers. All farmers can also very well use cash on delivery method or farmers can also easily opt for online payment methods like MasterCard, Amex card, Nexus pay, bKash, VISA and Bank Deposit. Once the order is placed they will deliver your order at your doorstep immediately or you can also expect to buy the tractor directly.

Atul Tractors store sell all kinds of essential items like machines and parts. And they do these things at no extra charge and they are always ready to provide the best services. Even in this COVID-19 epidemic, Atul Tractor Store has got the work done without any failure. He has tirelessly provided all kinds of machinery goods and necessities to the public. Now they are motivating more and more people of India to establish a startup of their own.



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