Meet actor, superstar's son with zero hits as hero, failed in TV also, quit acting, then became entrepreneur, runs...

This actor, the son of a superstar failed as a hero and has given zero hits in his career of 19 years.

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Meet actor, superstar's son with zero hits as hero, failed in TV also, quit acting, then became entrepreneur, runs...
The star kid who gave zero hits as hero


Star kids have been targeted under the nepotism debate. However, not every celebrity son or daughter tasted success like their star parents. Today, we will discuss one such star kid who is from a renowned family. This star kid's father has given several big blockbusters in Bollywood. He's also responsible for popularising patriotic films in mainstream cinema. Sadly, this veteran actor's son failed to take his father's legacy forward. After making his film debut, he quit the film industry in a short time.  

The star kid who failed to make big in Bollywood is...

Kunal Kapoor Goswami, legendary actor Manoj Kumar's son made his Bollywood debut in veteran actor's blockbuster Kranti (1981). Kunal didn't yield much benefit even after starring in his father's film. Two years after Kranti, Kunal was seen as the main lead in Ghungroo and Kalakaar (both 1983). In Kalakaar, Kunal was cast opposite Sridevi, and despite the chartbuster romantic song Neele Neele Ambar, the film was a critical and commercial failure. 

Kunal's zero success rate in Bollywood, and hiatus from films

After Kalakaar Kunal starred in several films Do Gulab (1983), Ricky (1986), Aakhri Baazi (1989) Paap Ki Kamaee (1990), Numbri Aadmi, and Vishkanya (both 1991). However, all of these titles mentioned were box office failures. After Vishkanya, Kunal took an 8-year break from films. 

When Manoj Kumar tried to revive Kunal's career

In 1999, Kunal was seen leading Jai Hind. This film was directed by Manoj Kumar, and it was expected to revive Kunal's career. However, the film became a commercial disaster. Kunal was also seen in a few television series, Bharat Ke Shaheed, Kitty Party, and Parampura, but he failed to taste success there as well. After failing in TV, Kunal quit acting. 

Where is Kunal Goswami now? 


Kunal may had bad luck in films, but he became a successful entrepreneur. As per the media reports of 2017, Kunal is now running a catering business in Delhi. Kunal married Ritu Goswami in 2005, and he's living happily with his family. 

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