Western Railway to demolish Lower Parel ROB

Cross girders of the over-bridge corroded, need to be quickly replaced to avoid accidents

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Western Railway to demolish Lower Parel ROB

All those who have their offices in Lower Parel, Worli, Currey Road, Elphinstone Road and Mahalaxmi and travel by road to reach there, be prepared for a terrible week ahead. The Delisle Road over-bridge that crosses the tracks at Lower Parel station will be shut from Tuesday, both for vehicles and pedestrians considering its dilapidated condition.

It has been found that the cross girders of this Lower Parel ROB are highly corroded and needs to be replaced. "We received a letter from the Western Railway about shutting down this ROB in Lower Parel. From 6 am on Tuesday, this bridge shall be closed for all vehicular traffic and pedestrians," said Ashok Dudhe, DCP (City), Traffic Police.

It shall be demolished after shutting it down. The Western Railway has asked the BMC and Traffic Police to shut down this bridge as it is in dilapidated condition and needs immediate attention. In fact, on July 23, there is an emergency meeting at WR headquarters in Churchgate called to discuss the future course of action.

This decision has been taken on the basis of the report of recent inspection by the team comprising of engineers from Western Railway, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, and IIT Bombay. This ROB is skewed by 64 degrees as it crosses tracks near Lower Parel station as it connects Currey Road ROB on one end and other leads to Phoenix Mall.

Ravinder Bhakar, Chief PRO, Western Railway said: "After inspection on July 17, IIT Bombay submitted a preliminary report to close this bridge immediately. This report was given to WR and MCGM both on July 20. We have given information accordingly to all concerned authorities including the police".

The WR officials claim that they are on the job to get expert consultancy on rebuilding the new bridge in shortest possible time after its demolition. Senior WR officials said that they have written a letter to the BMC Commissioner asking them shut down the Lower Parel ROB immediately for all types of vehicles and pedestrians with immediate effect.

"We have requested that reconstruction of this ROB may be executed by MCGM, as being done in the case of Hancock bridge in Central Railway," said a WR official. Ever since Andheri bridge collapse, the issue of lack of co-ordination between government agencies has emerged.

In this case, the WR has requested MCGM to rebuild the bridge, while it would supervise the railway portion. Sources said that the MCGM has sent a letter on July 21 to carry out work by railways on their portion. While the WR replied stating that MCGM should execute reconstruction work at their level. It has also been decided that if the condition of any ROB or FOB is poor then without a second thought, it shall be closed for public use.

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