'Naya Saal Mubarak'!

It’s Parsi New Year today and special celebrations will mark the day with prayers and culinary indulgence.

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'Naya Saal Mubarak'!


It’s unmistakable, that wonderful festive air in Parsi households today, one that only a special occasion can bring, as today marks the New Year.

And for the denizens of that genteel community, they are set to bring in the day with their special philosophy — of good words, good thoughts and good deeds.

As TV host Parizaad Kolah Marshall says, “I’m so proud to be a Parsi. Our community has so much to offer. I’d like to wish today that our community grows by leaps and bounds,” she smiles.

Prayers and tradition
The Rustom Faramna Agiary at Dadar Parsi Colony is at its brightest as it ushers in the New Year. Sculptor Arzaan Khambatta looks forward to going there with his wife Khushnuma and children Pezanne and Tianna. “Parsis never need a reason to celebrate!” he laughs.

“The agiary is a must as prayers are most important. Besides, every second person you meet there turns out to be a friend as our community is not that large,” he adds.

For businessman Parvez Damania, it’s a tradition he follows religiously to be at the agiary with his wife Roshi and children, Aviva and Arish. “Yesterday at Pateti, it was the end of the last 10 days of gathas or prayers said for the departed. So today the whole mood is certainly joyous,” he says.

Family fun and feast
Post the prayers, the bonhomie shifts to family gatherings and special traditional luncheons. Architect Hafeez and Pearl Contractor are looking forward to a family meal. “It’s something we cherish —sharing fun times together,” says Hafeez.

No Parsi celebration can be complete without food, and the menu ranges from  a choice of traditional food and sweets. “We’re having lunch with dhan dar-rice, meat and people normally send over a mava machhi (sweet fish mithai), so you can be sure there will be at least three of those at home,” he muses with a smile. Parvez is upbeat about the food. “So what if there’s no fish? There are loads of other dishes . We, Parsis , can never run out of choices!” he laughs.

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