Alternative dating ideas

Meeting over a cup of coffee or catching a movie together may not sound as exciting as it used to be. If you are looking for more offbeat dating ideas, here’s what you can try

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Alternative dating ideas

While movie dates and meeting up for a cup of coffee or tea is still pretty common, there is a section of the crowd who believe that these two options have gone past their expiry date, and are looking for a different dating experience. Changing the venue, making sure it’s neutral is one way of ensuring that you have fun, and are not stressing or trying hard to impress your potential date. Choosing an offbeat dating venue can work to your advantage, as it gives you time to relax and lets you let your hair down, taking some of that pressure away. Here are some dating experiences you can try.


Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore made the pottery scene in the ‘90s Hollywood flick The Ghost appear so hot that many couples craved for that sizzling chemistry. And while it may take a while for ordinary folk to have that kind of a bond, signing up for a pottery class may not be such a bad idea after all. Sculpting something from scratch gives you a different high and you and your potential date get a chance to get down and dirty, letting you have some fun with clay, without worrying too much about how it’s a first date. Also, it gives you a chance to let the inner artist in you express themselves.


Pinball or paintball, get set for a round of shots as your ultimate aim is to win. The game is just a way to unwind and relax, but it also gives you a chance to see how your date for the day behaves. Is he or she a sore loser or can they take a loss in their stride? After all it’s not just about winning the game but also about being a sport and handling defeat if it comes your way.


When it comes to bibliophiles, potential dates face competition from an unlikely source — a book/E-Reader. It’s hard to get their attention when glued to an intriguing plot line. However, if a booklover dates another bibliophile, it solves this problem as both understand that need to be lost in the pages of an interesting read. So, a literary date makes sense for them, and to make it even it more interesting picking a genre and a book makes sense, so that once they are done with it they can actually dissect plot lines and have a healthy debate.


Many eateries in the city have dance nights where you can practise your moves. It does not always have to be Dirty Dancing, but whatever your style of dancing, go ahead and burn the dance floor. The best part it lets you in on your date’s idea of teamwork as they will either let you own the floor, matching steps or try to hog the limelight.


No, we are not referring to a trip to an art gallery. Though that would be an interesting thing to do if you love unravelling an artist’s work of art. If that’s too much for a first date, you can always sign up for an art/hobby class that involves painting an object, coffee painting or doodling your fantasies or your favourite animated character.


Brush up on your cooking skills, sign up for a class as a team. It will give you the satisfaction of creating something together. And is a great way to express and bond over creativity.


Trade that coffee or movie date for a bike ride by the seaside. Make sure that it’s a populated stretch and you don’t veer off course. The idea is to have fun, relax and unwind in a neutral zone. It gives you an opportunity to exercise your muscles and a chance to breathe in some fresh air and soak up the sun. Ideal for a winter date.

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