Jaipur: 'Emperor' too has it's day!

Cop sniffer gets award from DGP

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Jaipur: 'Emperor' too has it's day!
K9 Unit’s Dog - Kaisar - was awarded the Director General of Police’s Commendation Disc for solving a murder case.


“Kaisar” (in German, means Emperor) was accorded to a Belgian Shepherd pup in 2016 during its birth. However, little did its handlers know that in its first year, the dog would crack a mystery that the police found hard to solve, and that too leading to the arrest of accused in record time.

Two-and-a-half years after he was born and nearly a year after he solved a murder case, Rajasthan police’s K9 Unit’s Dog - Kaisar - was awarded the Director General of Police’s Commendation Disc for solving the murder case. His handler, kailash chandy, also received the Commendation Disc.

“Last year, a murder came to light in Muhana area wherein the dead body of a woman was recovered. The woman’s face was burnt beyond identification. The police was almost planning to close the case. But then as a last resort, it was decided to call press into serivce the dog squad. Kaisar was in action. After sniffing the feet, it seemed that Kaiser received a tip off and went ahead with his "probe". After treading for a kilometer, he reached a factory where clothes are stitched in a massive scale.

Among 200 sewing machines, Kaiser "selected" a particular machine and sat on the chair in front of it. 

The cops in the beginning failed to realise Kaiser's motive. He was brought back to the body and LO! Kaiser repeated the act.

After Kaiser's insistance, the cops had to inform the DCP mainly to decode the case. It was later revealed that the labourer who used to sit on that chair was off that day. The cops, on a hot pursuit, reached his home and the dead woman's ID card was found from his trouser pocket.

He buckled under interogation and confessed that the deceased woman was his second wife and late in the night the couple had an argument after which the man killed her. Within 18 hours of the crime coming to light, with Kaisar’s help, the matter was solved.” said kailash chand, Kaisar’s handler.

Kaiser's Feat

  • Kaisar is not the only dog in the K9 unit. There are 36 in all
  • In 2016, 12 Belgian Shephard pups were purchased and provided training by Stealth Paws, an agency in Bangalore.
  • Next year, 16 more pups were purchased for the unit.
  • Earlier the cops had labradors and German shephards but since their service age is less as compared to these dogs, the new breed was selected.
  • "Kaisar is the leader of our little pack,” said Laxman Gaur, DIG - CID.
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