Greater Noida dog attack: Pitbull mauls two minor sons of Delhi Police inspector

Two of Inspector Nagendra Bhati's young sons living in Greater Noida were fatally bitten and attacked by a pitbull dog in a canine attack.

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In many regions of India over the past few months, reports of terrifying dog attacks, from stray to pet, have been reported. Authorities in many states banned some of the most dangerous breeds to ensure the safety of everyone, including children and the elderly.

Two of Delhi Police Inspector Nagendra Bhati's young sons living in Greater Noida were fatally bitten and attacked by a pitbull dog in yet another canine attack. First, Pitbull attacked Raj Bhati, the younger brother. Then, when Narayan Bhati, the older brother, approached to rescue him, he rescue him, and he too was mauled.

The horrifying incident took place in the Kasna police station neighborhood's Niyana village, Aaj Tak reported. Both brothers were taken to the closest hospital in injured condition. The victim's family has filed a lawsuit against the pitbull's owner. The pitbull's owner, according to the father of the boys, had left the dog in the street.

Pitbull grabbed Raj Bhati's arm as soon as he left the house. Even after he began to scream, Pitbull did not release him. In the meantime, in an effort to protect his younger brother, Narayan also engaged in a struggle with Pitbull. The individuals nearby also made an effort to free the boy from the pitbull's hold. After about three minutes, Pitbull released Raj's hand. Raj's hand, leg, and both of Narayan's legs have been bitten by the dog.

At the same time, a stray dog has also turned twelve people into his victims in Hardoi. The locals have pleaded with the corporation to resolve this issue as soon as possible so that they can step outside without fear. People in the Gopalpur neighbourhood of the Tadiawan police station are reportedly so afraid of the dog that they find it difficult to leave the house. Children no longer play outside because they are afraid of the dog. There are numerous victims of this dog.

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