Man's face and lip swelling leads doctors to discover 150 larva stage bugs inside nose

Florida man's persistent health issues led to a nightmarish discovery as doctors found 150 live bugs infesting his nose and sinuses.

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In a shocking turn of events, a Florida man's persistent health issues took a horrifying twist when doctors in Jacksonville discovered a live bug infestation in his nose and sinuses. The patient, a cancer survivor, had been dealing with nosebleeds and discomfort since October, leading to a harrowing medical ordeal that exposed a rare condition known as nasal myiasis.

The unidentified man's distress reached a peak on February 9 when he sought medical attention at HCA Florida Memorial Hospital after experiencing days of face and lip swelling along with constant nosebleeds. Dr. David Carlson, a seasoned ENT (ears, nose, throat) specialist, conducted a thorough examination and made a chilling discovery – a swarm of 150 live bugs in the larva stage infesting the nasal cavity and sinus.

These insects, some as large as the end of a pinky finger, were actively feeding, burrowing into tissue, excreting, and causing inflammation, resulting in the man's alarming symptoms.

Faced with an unprecedented challenge, the hospital's medical team embarked on a delicate and complex removal process. Graphic footage from the operating room revealed the extraction of the larvae, which were dangerously close to the skull base beneath the brain. Dr. Carlson emphasized the potential fatality of the situation if the bugs had breached this critical boundary.

Highlighting the patient's compromised immune system due to a cancerous tumor removal from his nose 30 years ago, Dr. Carlson explained that this, coupled with open spaces in the nasal cavity, created an ideal environment for the parasitic invasion.

The man, now equipped with a special antiparasitic rinse, is expected to make a full recovery.

The source of the infestation was traced back to the patient's handling of dead fish, as he admitted to rinsing his hands in the river without proper cleaning precautions.

Dr. Carlson stressed the importance of maintaining hygiene, especially for individuals with compromised immune systems. The creepy crawlies have been sent for identification, marking a bizarre and unsettling medical case in Florida.

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