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Ironies of history? Child on Nazi "Perfect Aryan" poster was a Jew

Saturday, 5 July 2014 - 1:08pm IST | Place: Mumbai

  • The Perfect Aryan poster of Nazis carried the picture of a Jew baby

The poster depicting the "Perfect Aryan" child was the picture of Hessy Taft when she was six months old. The irony is she is a Jew herself. Taft who is a professor now in New York told a German newspaper she would not be alive if the Nazis actually knew her identity, reported the Telegraph. She revealed that her parents had travelled to Berlin in 1928 to pursue careers in classic music but were caught up in the war. Her father lost his job for being a Jew too. 

She said her father had taken her to a photographer when she was six months old. The next thing, her picture was in the cover of a family magazine. The photographer had said he sent the picture for the most beautiful Aryan baby contest to make the Nazis look ridiculous. She presented the picture at the  Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel and said she felt "revenge" and "satisfaction" for having done that.

This is not the only curious case of Jew-Nazi connection. There was another Nazi mascot, Alex Kurzem who was a Jew. The boy, when five year old, had witnessed the massacre of his village and his family and fled in the forests to survive on clothes from dead bodies and scavenging. He was later adopted by the Nazi party as a mascot, as the "youngest Nazi". They even had a uniform made for him. Alex too was a Jew. Alex's son has investigated and recreated his father's past in the book "the Mascot."  

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