Would you like to Confess? Do it using India's first 'anonymous' social networking app

Monday, 11 August 2014 - 4:40am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The age old idea of confession is being modernized, Alan D Souza and his team at Vavia have created 21st "anonymous" method of confessing your sins or anything else online. Krishna Bahirwani in an exclusive interview with Alan finds out how safe this application really is and how it stands out from everything that is already present in the market today.Explore how this free app can let you share what's on your mind and discuss it with others without ever being judged for what you feel again.

When you mean "anonymous" is it just the fact that your name doesn't get published or is it that all your communications using the app are secured via encryption?

This is an interesting question. Many apps misuse the anonymity tag, as you have rightly pointed out there is a big difference between withholding names versus secure encrypted communications. At Confess app, we use point to point Transport Layer Security (TLS) data encryption which is a proven methodology to keep data safe from prying eyes. TLS encrypts data in transit and requires a "handshake" between two authorized servers before it spills its contents. Additionally we dynamically allocate & distribute data storage across highly secure data centers spread across multiple locations across the globe, this distributed approach provides an added layer of security.

How much personal information do you gather from the users using the app ?

We require the user to authenticate her / his identity using Google or Facebook. In the process, we take the users name and email ID which is used to create and maintain the friends network. All data is stored in non relational databases and users information is not linked to his posts/comments/likes in any manner.

What is the source of income for this app ?

Our focus right now is on building a great product that global users would love to use. We are a well funded company hence we don't have any immediate monetization needs that will force us to push ads on to our unsuspecting users.

How does the anonymity system work with your friends ?

Anonymity is maintained seamlessly across the system. We use an encrypted key to match the users phone contacts to users in our database. We use this to create a connection graph that allows an user to know whether the post is from a friend or from friends of friend.

How secure is the app ?

We are as secure as it comes. All communications between your phone and our servers is encrypted. Security has not been an add on feature for us, instead it has been an integral part of our application architecture. We continuously work on improving our technology and security systems to ensure that our users enjoy the highest level of security possible.

How is Confess different from "anonymous" forums online ?

"anonymous" online forums have been in existence for a long time, however these have primarily been a dump of postings with limited features and value adds. Confess is a mobile app that allows you to segregate posts from friends and from locations around you. It also allows you to join groups that match your interest domain and access specific information. Also, being a mobile app you have the added advantage of being notified when something that interests you is added on the network.

Note: As the information is taken from google or Facebook.You will need to use a VPN and an email address that contains no personal information to be truly anonymous.

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