Google forced to post €150,000 fine notice on French site for data law violation

Sunday, 9 February 2014 - 11:38am IST | Agency: ANI

Google has been forced to post a privacy fine notice on the homepage of its French website for violating privacy laws. The message informed French netizens that Google has been fined 150,000 euros, around 200,000 dollars, for violating French privacy laws.

France's Commissions Nationale de lInformatique et des LibertÃ(c)s (CNIL) imposed the fine, and the obligation to post the notice, in January, Mashable reports. Google is appealing the fine, and asked a French court to suspend the order to post the notice, arguing that it would cause 'irreparable damage' to its reputation, the report said.

The court however rejected the search engine's attempt to avoid the shame and ordered Google to follow through with the order, it added. This is the first time a European country has ordered Google to post such a notice.

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