5 shapes of things to come

Saturday, 26 July 2014 - 12:20am IST | Agency: dna

Where did you lose your pet? How sound a sleep you need? Is everything okay at home? These gadgets will help, reports Krishna Bahirwani

Worried about getting spiked ? No need to worry anymore. Pd.id is a device you can dip into your drink and tell if it has been spiked or not. It is reuseable.

the world's first public space telescope
It gives you access to space in a way that has been unprecedented in the past. Planetary Resources Inc, the asteroid-mining company, successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign recently to launch ARKYD – the world's first public space telescope. Over the course of the 33-day campaign, the company generated support from more than 17,600 backers who pledged $1,505,366 for the cause. This marks the most successful crowdfunding effort for a space project and ranks the ARKYD campaign among the top 25 projects in Kickstarter history.

The smallest, longest-lasting GPS tracker in the world. But it does way more -- all on a new nationwide network -- with no monthly fees. It is designed as an efficient, tiny and always connected device to help you find, secure and protect everything. Iota helps you find your lost pet and lets you know if your bike is being tampered with, protects your house and more.

Blink is targeted to be the first ultra-affordable, totally wire-free smart HD home monitoring and alert system.It uses innovative HD video technology motion and temperature sensors to deliver instant home insight through the Blink app for your iOS or Android device.

Hello Sense
It's a simple system that tracks your sleep behavior and monitors the environment of your bedroom. Sense is a technology that allows us to take back our sleep, without any intrusion.

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