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My vote, my needs

Friday, 27 June 2014 - 6:10am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Pooja Patel speaks to Downtown residents about the changes they need in the city and their expectations from the newly-formed government

Shriyam Chaturvedi, 24, Nepean Sea Road resident
"I think the roads need urgent attention. The entire road near Breach Candy is uneven and undone. While the officials did start the roadwork, it wasn't completed and this makes it a horrible place. Even the parks in the town need better policing; safety here is an issue. Recently, my friends shared with me that they have been experiencing eve-teasing, because of which they are now taking an alternate route. Better laws for the security and safety of women is a must. Even cabbies need to be disciplined as they refuse to ply the passengers."

Kunal Shah, 31, Nepean Sea Road resident
Areas like Marine Drive are great places to be at, but the roads need to be fixed. The driving experience here is pathetic—the roads are way too bumpy, making it extremely difficult to drive. Once it starts raining, it is going to be worse. Corruption is a major concern and has to be eradicated from the root. Another point that needs attention is cleanliness. Even today, so many people urinate in public places, filthing the place. Not only does this make it an unhygienic area, but it also leaves a horrible stench behind."

Dr. Dhaval Fadia, 25, Charni Road resident
"Parking is a major issue in South Mumbai and I think it has to be taken care of immediately. Illegal parking is a major menace. Most of the tower buildings here don't have enough parking space and, people owning two cars tend to park their second vehicle on the road. This also leads to traffic, which is another inherent problem here. Another issue which needs immediate attention is the laid-back attitude of the government officials, who make citizens re-visit their offices for no reason. They end up taking their own sweet time to complete their work, and unless one bribes them, it is difficult to get things sorted. I would want a better system in place in this city."

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