The wizard with scissors

Sunday, 8 December 2013 - 12:07pm IST | Agency: DNA
Some men want to be rock stars; some men want to be painters and some men want to be astronauts. And then there is Rosano Ferretti who wanted to and did become a hair stylist.

Rarely do we meet people with such passion for hair, except perhaps for those who own it. Rossano Ferretti is one such man. Styling his mother’s hair (who was also a hair dresser), at the age of 14, Ferretti knew that he had magic in his fingers. He went to London at the age of 15 and it was only a year later that he began to take his talent a bit more seriously. “I really wanted to be a hairdresser because I knew that my hands could materialise beauty,” Ferretti says. He did his first catwalk with Giorgio Armani where “I just did some updos. But Armani saw them and told me to do all the models” and as they say, the rest is history.

Over time Ferretti opened his salons across the world, attracting celebrities and the affluent alike. Starting with Parma, he touched cities including Verona, Chiavari, Madrid, Venice, Vienna, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Belgrade, Miami, Mumbai, Paris, New York and now at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore.

“Each woman is unique and she deserves a look that is created for her. I don’t like the idea of women walking into my studio and asking for a hair cut that looks like Victoria Beckham’s or Kate Middleton’s or any other celebrity’s. We give you a hair cut that is meant for you and will be special for you. There is a way to cut hair and most people are doing it wrong. One should always follow the natural fall of hair and then cut it,” he explains.

And therefore, ‘trends’, one of the most abused words in fashion, mean absolutely nothing to him.
“Trends are useless. You can’t have hair trends! You can’t wear a bob one day and have bangs the next just because one is fashionable and the other is not. Hair styles are timeless and if anyone ever tells you that something is ‘trendy’ while something else is not, I am telling you to ask them to get lost,” says the stylist, rather vehemently.

Ferretti’s The Method’ is a patented style he uses while cutting hair. “You cannot see the scissors when I cut hair,” he informs, adding, “what you only see is the final product. In fact, you may not be able to tell what we’ve done but you’ll be transformed.” “Most people don’t trust their hairdressers.
And for us, trust is very important. That is why we start with some counselling. We ask the client about their lifestyle, what they like to wear, some of their likes and dislikes. I am very obsessed with detail so every little thing is important to me,” he says.

Ferretti loves hair and thinks Indian women have some of the most beautiful tresses in the world.
That one sentence was enough to flatter our souls as we began to figure out how to pay for a haircut at his hair spa. A hair cut here could cost anything from Rs 3,000 and upwards(approximately) and that’s not very easy on the pocket, is it? But then again, if one can spend twice that amount on a pair of shoes why not have a cut that is practically ‘couture’.

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