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What gemstone will you be gifting your lover on V-day? Renowned occultists reveal their choices for the occasion to Ashish Virmani

What gemstone will you be gifting your lover on V-day? Renowned occultists reveal their choices for the occasion to Ashish Virmani.

Diamonds and coral
My favourite recommendation for romance is the diamond. It is lucky for most people. However a particular diamond’s synergy with an individual has to be checked out by carrying it for four-five days, preferably in a pouch and judging from the resulting life experiences one has. Or one could sleep with it under the pillow and if one has peaceful sleep or pleasant dreams, then the diamond is synergistic.
The emerald is my next choice, mainly because it is excellent for communication in any relationship. Ruled by the planet Mercury, there is less chance of misunderstandings with loved ones when one is wearing an emerald. 
Also coral jewellery can augur marital happiness. It is an orange stone and in the olden days, brides were given coral (monga) jewellery sets to wear on their wedding day. It is still as relevant today, for happy marriages.
— Shirley Bose,  tarot card reader

Rose quartz and moonstone
I recommend three precious stones to help heal relationship issues: firstly rose quartz which is the  most  romantic  of  gemstones  and brings  unconditional love  and  peace.  Anyone  looking  to  attract  love  will  benefit  from  the  sense  of  calm  and harmony. Then there is moonstone which has  a  long  history  as  a  stone  of  romance. Known  to  attract  love  and affection, it has the power to soothe anxiety, lessen stress and augment one’s innate sensitivity. Thirdly the ruby because it brings a great deal of confidence and courage to the wearer. It also protects the wearer from unnecessary heart-break.
— Bhavikk Sangghvi, numerologist

Emeralds and blue sapphire
Firstly I would say, diamonds are lucky for love. According to me all diamonds are a woman’s best friend. A good quality solitaire is best in this regard. This is because diamonds coincide with the planet Venus. The emerald is also a great choice to foster loving relationships. Not only do emeralds look pretty, but they help in greater compatibility with one’s partner.
Lastly  I would recommend the blue sapphire for easing difficult relationships. This is a stone that is ruled by the planet Saturn and for those partners who do not get along too well, this gemstone helps avoid negativity and rancour.
— Munisha Khatwani, tarot card reader

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