A survey shows what women's choice of shoes says about their preference in men

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 - 6:10am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

  • Stilettoes, boots, peep-toe heels, studded wedges

Since ages the world is trying to decipher women – what they do and why they do – in vain. Philosophers have raked their head over why some women like some kind of men. Now a survey by Tresmode tries to figure out the choice of men by women by the kind of shoes they wear. Have a look...

Boots: You love your independence and aren't afraid to break some rules if the need arose. Your ideal man would be someone who doesn't really play by the rules and has a crazy side to him. Bad boys turn you on and you aren't afraid to get kinky. Your ideal date could be anything from running a marathon to para-sailing. No clingy men needed for this ruthless Diva.

Stilletoes : Miss. Stiletto is smart, focused and ambitious. Your career is important to you and you love to play by the rules. You go weak on your knees for men who are in control of their lives and are sorted and focused. Gentlemen are the flavor of every season for you. Perfect dates would include candle-lit dinners complete with champagne and caviar. No compromises for this girl!

Wedges: Creative, casual and chic are the words that describe you. Mr.Right for you is someone who is sensitive, caring and friendly. Your ideal date would end with a walk on the beach gazing at stars with your sweetheart. Trust and loyalty are the key words of your dictionary and Good guys always will finish first in your world.

Platforms: This babe is confident and not afraid to showcase her sexual side every once in a while. Broad-minded, liberal, understanding and confident are the traits you want in Mr. Right or maybe ….. Mr. Right Now? Your ideal date would be an evening dancing at the hottest club in town with your honey. You get bored easily, so your ideal man better be adventurous or he might just be replaced!

Strappy sandals: You are smart and wise but sometimes get lost in your own fantasy world. Your perfect match has to be supportive and someone who has your back. Ideal dates could range from brunch at the town's best eateries to having chocolate ice-cream plonked down in front of the TV. Love would always beat lust's ass if you had it your way.

Ballerinas: Comfort and Style go hand in hand for Ms. Ballerina. She wants the best of both world and so her ideal choice is someone who is serious and also knows to let loose at the right time. She needs you to be there for her always but at the same time you better give her space. Movies, coffee dates, Brunch, candle-lit dinners…she wants it all!

Peep Toes: This girl is the silent and mysterious types of the dating world. Think you've got her figured out? Well, she won't cease surprising you. Flirty, fun and fabulous on one hand and sophisticated, classy and glamorous on the other. Supportive, understanding, optimistic are the qualities she desires in her Prince Charming. She loves romance and timeless classic dating is what she loves. Flowers and chocolate boxes would make her day. Are you men listening?

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