2014 Trend: What stories may tell

Saturday, 1 February 2014 - 11:56am IST | Agency: DNA
Jewellery is no longer considered just an adornment as trends suggest connoisseurs looking for stories and deeper meanings.

Gone are the days when jewellery used to be known as a symbol of wealth and went with the notion of ‘the more you flaunt it, the better it is’. Today, the Indian connoisseur is gradually waking up to the trend of wearing jewellery not just for an ostentatious purpose but for expressing mood and personality. Here are our top picks of jewellery that tells a story…

Ring in 18 K yellow gold, set with cabochon lapiz lazuli and white diamonds (Zoya)

1 The celestial elements have fascinated the human mind since the beginning of time. This finger ring tries to capture that mood by depicting the night sky. The centre of the ring shows a milky white moon surrounded by stars.

Floral cocktail ring in 18 K gold set with sliced amethyst, rubellite and diamonds (Inara)

2 The modern woman’s evolution has been a favourite subject of many creative minds. She is becoming more independent and bold, but at the same time, she loves her feminine side, which is soft and mushy. This dichotomy has been captured in this cocktail ring. The ‘sliced’ gemstones represent boldness and independence, whereas the floral pattern epitomizes femininity.

Ring in 18 K yellow gold set with south sea pearl, pavé set diamonds, smoky quartz, blue tanzanite yellow and pink sapphires (Zoya)

3 Inspired by the phenomenon of the eclipse, the pearl in this ring depicts the moon, which is partially covered by the diamond studded shadow. The colourful stones on the other end depict the glittering stars in the night sky.

Diamond sea horse earrings with mother of pearl (Inara)

4 The seahorse represents individuality and the pure bond between a mother and her child. The modern women is constantly driven to carve a place for herself in society yet she is nurturing like a mother. These slender earrings are the perfect expression of a woman’s individuality and her role as a mother.

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