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Survey reveals high earning professionals are losing out on their sex lives

Friday, 9 May 2014 - 12:26pm IST | Agency: IANS

Do you earn a moolah and have all good things in life? You may be losing out on your sex life, a fascinating survey suggests.

But when they do the real act, they do it in style and in a more adventurous way.

According to the survey of 1,600 people by the sex toy firm Lovehoney, people who are in key roles at the workplace prefer a more passive position in the bedroom.

The survey revealed that a third of people who earn more than 50,000 pounds (Rs.50.6 lakh) a year only have sex once a week.

While 54% of people on mid-range salaries 15,000 pounds - 34,000 pounds (Rs.15 lakh-Rs.35 lakh) have sex several times a week.

"High earners generally tend to work longer hours or put more time into thinking about their careers - so it makes sense they are having sex less regularly," a Lovehoney spokesperson was quoted as saying in a press release.

Higher earners also tend to be bigger risk takers by nature, so the high number of those sampling sex outside follows.

Well-paid people tend to have less sex but they are more adventurous when they do get between the sheets.

Some 45% of higher earners have tried a threesome at least once - compared to 19% of those who earn less than 15,000 pounds.

A whopping 83% of top executives have indulged in outdoor love-making, while only 66% of the lowest earners have tried it, the survey found.

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