Injustice - Gods Among Us may be an insight into Superman vs Batman

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Spoilers ahead, you have been warned

DC Comics' publishes a wide number of graphic novels and comic books not part of the normal canon continuity. One such comic book that released earlier this year was Injustice - Gods Among Us. The series was released once every week, with four copies merging into one chapter released in print once every month.

The plot line of the comics works as a prequel to the well received game of the same name released on different platforms including Sony's Playstation and Microsoft X-Box. The series as a game and as a comic book received positive reviews and the writing and art work in particular was well received by fans and critics alike.

The end of Year One last week, marked the end of the series and the beginning of the game. The story-line, not based in the main universe of DC Comics, pits Superman and most of the Justice League against Batman as he leads an insurgence party against them.

The story kicks off in the first issue itself, when the Joker kills Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, and Superman's unborn child while also destroying most of Metropolis.

In retaliation and in a fit of uncontrolled rage Superman punches the Joker right through the chest, killing him. This begins the main action of the story as Superman strays off the path of righteousness and begins to see humanity as something he needs to fix. The most powerful man in the world begins to realise that he can change whatever he wants, making the world, the armed forces, Batman and the rest of the heroes wonder if Superman has actually lost his mind after Lois' death.

Wonder Woman and other heroes follow Superman's lead which basically is him policing the world like a dictator. All the while Batman, shocked by the actions of his fellow heroes begins making contingency plans, and enlisting the help of trusted allies, Black Canary and Green Arrow. What follows is Batman and his insurgents going underground and fighting Superman and his Justice League.

Many heroes primarily The Flash and Shazam aren't sure which side to pick and are shown as trying to do what's right for humanity without picking sides. Nightwing, Green Arrow, Captain Atom and many others add to the body count of this epic series as the war between Batman and Superman gets bloodier as the issues go on. 

The last issues displays an epic showdown as Superman confronts Batman in the Batcave. Batman desperately tries to reach a chemical pill developed by Lex Luthor, that will grant him Superman's powers, but isn't fast enough. Superman says he doesn't want to kill Bruce, but he can't afford to have him alive either, just as he breaks his back leaving him crippled on the floor.

In the last surprise of Year One, Batman's oldest ally Alfred Pennyworth takes the pill and defeats Superman. The last issue lays the foundation for their inevitable clash in the game.

One of the best elseworld story-lines to be published by DC Comics in a while, Injustice - Gods Among Us, asks the question what would happen if a God-powerful alien were to realise he is a God-powerful alien. With the release of the Man Of Steel sequel featuring Batman and Superman facing off, one can't help but wonder whether some elements of Injustice - Gods Among Us might be used in the movie.

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