Films which ruined actors' careers

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Even great actors sometimes make wrong choices and act in disastrous movies. After Hrs lists a few...

Sean Connery - The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Best known for his role of James Bond, Sean Connery has always been considered a brilliant actor. Proclaimed the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in 1989, Sean won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Untouchables. But it was his flick The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen that is said to have resulted in his retirement. The 2003 superhero film bombed at the box office.

Mike Myers – The Love Guru
The comedian created a name for himself as a member of NBC's Saturday Night Live and then the hugely successful Austin Powers series. Mike played both the title role (Austin Powers) and the villain (Dr. Evil), as well as other characters, in all three films. However, it was The Love Guru that caused the end of his career. The 2008 adult comedy made pitiful earnings as sudiences grew tired of his act.

Chris O'Donnell - Batman And Robin
The actor had played everyone from D'Artagnan to Ernest Hemingway and even had a Golden globe nomination to his name. However, it was his choice to star in Batman and Robin as the famous sidekick that got him much criticism. Though the superhero movie wasn't a total flop, O'Donnell himself has called it a low point in his career.

Ben Affleck – Gigli
The actor seemed to have a promising career bagging awards for his screenplay Good Will Hunting anf receiving much acclaim for his acting roles too. That is until he did Gigli, with ex-fiance Jennifer Lopez. The 2003 Rom-com was considered a massive a box office bomb, grossing less than $4 million in its opening weekend and was nominated for 9 Razzies. For over half a decade after, Ben only appeared occasionally in films. Thankfully, he's resurrected his career since with movies like Argo.

Kevin Costner – Waterworld
Kevin has time and agin proves his acting prowess with films like The Bodyguard, Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves and The Untouchables. It was the science fiction-post-apocalyptic epic Waterworld (1995) that ruined his A-List status. A total box office failure, the film had a troubled production, the budget exceeded expected amounts ans what made the flop worse was the amount of high profile merchandising; a novel, a game and three theme park rides.

John Travolta – Battlefield Earth
Following huge box office successes such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Pulp Fiction, John chose to star in Battlefield Earth. The 2000 American dystopian science fiction film based upon the first half of L Ron Hubbard's novel of the same name was a major critical and commercial failure. Travolta, a faithful Scientologist, had signed on as a co-producer and contributed millions of dollars of his own money to the production, which was critically panned for the acting and sets.

Halle Berry – Catwoman
The award-winning actress has a good film career with the X-Men film series, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and Die Another Day. In 2004, the former model played Catwoman. The role got her Razzie's galore and was considered a total flop.

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