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Maharashtra recorded most number of suicides in 2013, Mumbai fourth highest among cities

Friday, 4 July 2014 - 6:55am IST | Agency: dna

NCRB data shows prolonged illnesses, family problems, failing in exams, unemployment and drug addiction as the main causes

Maharashtra has earned the sordid reputation of having recorded the highest number of suicides in the country in 2013, with Mumbai being the city with the fourth highest number of cases, according to data provided by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

While prolonged illnesses, family problems, failing in exams, unemployment and drug addiction were some of the main factors behind the suicides, the police hinted that farmer suicides formed a chunk of the statistic.

In 2013, India reported 1,34,77 suicides, of which 16,622 cases were registered in Maharashtra.
Next in line were Tamil Nadu (16,601), Andhra Pradesh (14,607) and West Bengal (13,055).

Meanwhile, Mumbai, often referred to as the city of dreams, reported the fourth highest number of suicides (1,322) in 2013. The city clocking the highest number of suicides was Chennai (2,450 cases), followed by Bengaluru (2,033) and Delhi (1,753).

Suicidal deaths registered in Maharashtra have gone up by 3.2 per cent as compared to 2012, when 16,112 cases were registered. Similarly, in Mumbai, the number of suicides registered in 2013 has gone up by 2 per cent as compared to 2012, when 1,296 suicides were reported. A total of 23,544 farmers suicides were reported in India in 2013, and if police sources are to be believed, Maharashtra is one of the states with the highest number of farmer suicides.

Dr Harish Shetty, a renowned psychiatrist from Mumbai, said, "People have become intolerant. This, along with the anonymity factor is the main reason behind such incidents. People are busy with their jobs and hardly talk to anyone. Due to this, they cannot share their problems with anyone and have no means to vent out their frustration. Hence, when they are faced with a problem, they think that it is the end of the world and decide to take the drastic step."

Dr Shetty also said that most people took such a drastic step solely on impulse. If the person has someone to talk or any kind of distraction at that moment, he/she would probably decide against taking such a step.

In Mumbai, the biggest killer was prolonged illness, followed by unemployment, drug abuse and addiction and failing in an examination.

While 280 people in Mumbai claimed their lives due to prolonged illness, 73 committed suicide due to unemployment. Out of the 1,322 suicides registered in 2013, 58 were drug addicts and 53 were students who ended their lives due to failure in exams. Also, as per NCRB, most of the suicides in Mumbai have been committed by hanging (929 cases) and self-immolation (169 cases).

A senior police officer said, "It is mostly men who are more vulnerable then women. In 2013, out of 26,426 suicides committed due to prolonged illness, 17,530 were male. In Mumbai, 80 per cent of those who have committed suicide are married. When a man loses hope, he does not see a way of getting out of the problem and does not want his family to get sucked into the problem. The only way they see their problems ending is by taking this drastic step."

Total number of suicides recorded in India in 2013: 1,34,77

State-wise numbers:
Maharashtra: 16,622
Tamil Nadu: 16,601
Andhra Pradesh: 14,607
West Bengal: 13,055

City-wise numbers:
Chennai: 1,322
Bengaluru: 2,033
Delhi: 1,753
Mumbai: 1,322

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