5-day plan to get a glowing skin

Wednesday, 26 December 2012 - 9:39am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

After Christmas indulgences, here’s a simple 5-day plan to get you glowing for your New Year’s bash.

After all the rum and plum cakes from Christmas parties, weight gain and skin trouble might haunt you and you are likely to scream out of bed, yelling some jargon. Wellness expert Seema Jindal-Jajodia and skin specialist Dr Rashmi Shetty bust the bubble for us and give us snap advice to get the guilt out and confidence in.

By Dr Rashmi Shetty
Skin Specialist 

Day 1
After all the partying and excessive intake of junk food and alcohol, use this day to detox. Consume intensely coloured fruits, drink a lot of water. At night use a light scrub to remove the dead cells and add a clear shine to your face.

Day 2
In the morning use your favourite moisturiser, this is not the time to try out new products or experiment with your skin. Stick to a lot of fruits and increase your protein intake. Visit your skin doctor or salon for hydrating the skin and follow it up with a facial.

Day 3
Let your skin be. Allow it to breathe freely.

Day 4
Moisturise your skin. Use warm water to wash your face and if it feels irritable then apply a clay mask to calm it down

Day 5
Your day to shine, be yourself

By Seema Jindal-Jajodia
Wellness expert

Day 1

  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water
  • Add multi-vitamins and B 12 to your routine
  • Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get some fresh air — Go for a run in the park
  • Stay away from sweets and junk food

Day 2

  • All the steps of Day 1
  • Make someone happy by giving something away and not expecting anything in return (You’ll be surprised how it helps).

Day 3

  • Repeat all steps of Day 2
  • Add a Green juice to the diet (Celery+ Cucumber+ Parsley Juiced together)
  • This helps get rid of water retention caused due to alcohol in the system

Day 4

  • Repeat all steps of day 3
  • Stay away from foods that might lead to bloating like breads and other wheat products.
  • Try 2 to 3 eggs (any form) and a cup of coffee before a party to ward off hunger and the chances of binging.

Day 5

  • Repeat all steps of Day 4
  • Dance a lot to the music (This really helps)
  • Start the new year with a bowl of Muesli with Yogurt

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