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Syrian refugees in Lebanon exceed 890,000

Monday, 27 January 2014 - 7:37am IST | Agency: IANS

The United Nations Higher Council for Refugees said Sunday that the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has surpassed 890,000, an addition of about 12,900 refugees since last week's report.

It said that in north Lebanon there are 247,425 registered refugees, while 7,032 are still awaiting their registration. Beirut and Mount Lebanon host 201,818 registered refugees with 28,184 still waiting to register, Xinhua reported.

It added that in the Bekaa region, 284,852 Syrians have been registered with the agency while 11,692 are waiting to register and in South Lebanon 107,846 are registered with 1,286 are in the process of registration.

The Higher Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said the number of Syrians who are displaced and living in neighbouring countries has crossed the two million mark.

Lebanon has repeatedly called on the international community and the donor countries to fulfil their pledges to help Lebanon accommodate the steady influx of refugees, which burdens its economy, saying the country is unable to cope without assistance.

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